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Commuters encountered an unexpected passenger when they boarded a New York City subway train early Wednesday: a shark.
A still wet 1-and-a-half foot shark carcass was discovered on the floor of a subway car at around midnight in downtown Manhattan. The shark, described as weighing between five to 10 pounds, was discovered near a row of seats by passengers on the Queens-bound N train at the 14th Street stop. The shark had blood on its mouth, as though it has recently been punctured by a fishing hook, according to Cano. The shark quickly drew a crowd, as entering subway riders began to photograph and pose with the shark, even adding a subway fare card, soft drink can and a cigarette to the supine shark as props. After several stops, an MTA official entered the train at Queensboro Plaza, cleared it of passengers, and locked its doors, Metropolitan Transit Authority spokesmen Kevin Ortiz told CNN.
In Nantucket last week, a 5-foot-long shark carcass was discovered outside the door of a bar on Water Street.
Early this morning a small dead shark was spotted on the floor of the Queens-bound N train.

The shark quickly drew a crowd, as passengers began to photograph and pose with it, even adding a subway fare card, soft drink can and a cigarette as props.
But their fun came to an end when the conductor asked passengers to leave the carriage and the train continued to the end of the line, where a supervisor disposed of the shark.
Pigeons and even an opossum have made their way on to subway trains before, but never a shark, transit officials said. Isvett Verde, of Brooklyn, New York, who took a photo of the shark, said she noticed that the empty carriage of the N train ‘smelled extremely fishy’ when she boarded at 8th Street. An MTA spokesman said a supervisor ‘reported the shark was dead’, adding ‘he placed it in a garbage bag and disposed of it in the trash’. How the shark got the train remains a mystery though there is speculation it was caught off one of the city’s beaches and dumped on the way home. In 2011 a boa constrictor named Penelope escaped from its owner on a Red Line train in Boston and hid inside the train, remaining on the loose for nearly a month. I board a car that’s not terribly full and as soon as I enter, a stench hits my nose.

The shark was discovered on board an N train running towards Queens, a New York transport spokesperson told the Huffington Post. But not before someone had dressed it up as a commuter, with a cigarette, can of Red Bull and a Metrocard.
ERRORCouldn't use this database:indiavision_com_-_ivnewsPlease contact admin about this err. Upon arrival at Ditmars Boulevard, a Train Service Supervisor reported the shark was dead and he placed it in a garbage bag and disposed of it in the trash.
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