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1Shot (not to be confused with the similarly named OneShot) is an alternative camera application for Windows Phone that, especially on the Lumia 1020 and 1520, ignores the usual oversampling and lets you capture and save images right up to the full sensor resolution. This can happen when volume is being adjusted before an earlier track, having a different audio stream, is completely finished. Nokia's explanation sounds correct in that it's Windows Phone's all-in-one audio playback system getting confused by being accessed by multiple sources, mixing up stereo and mono audio streams, though Nokia is assuming that the user only wants to play music. If the 'audio' update isn't showing for you then you can force it by using the QR code on this page in our Store entry. As part of a big relaunch for OneNote as a cloud service that's available and free to all  devices, all platforms (and which we'll cover in more detail later), both our AAS (Symbian) and AAWP (Windows Phone) readers might like to note that OneNote is now available for Macs.
It's pretty though, and does do a good job of managing all those notes you'd gathered from years of using Symbian, Windows Phone and Windows laptops. Microsoft today announced that OneNote, its note taking and information gathering software, is now "free everywhere".
The free version of OneNote does have some minor functionality cuts, primarily impacting on use in the enterprise environment. The introduction of a cloud API for the OneNote introduces a way for third party apps to integrate with OneNote. Microsoft itself is taking advantage of the new service APIs to provide several new ways to get content into OneNote. Microsoft has also lined up a whole range of partner apps and services including Feedly, Livescribe, Mod Notebook, Weave, genius Scan, JotNot, IFTTT and News360.
With this series of announcements it is clear that Microsoft is putting OneNote in a better position to compete with other cross-platform note taking and information gathering services.
OneNote, Evernote, and Google Keep each take slightly different approaches, partly reflecting their respective histories and linked products, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
OneNote has strong collaboration and text formatting tools and benefits from being part of the Office productivity suite, today's announcements also make it better connected with external services and improve its cross platform credentials. Evernote is the category leader because of its everywhere and anywhere nature, it also offers a great degree of flexibility and a variety of features that will appeal to power users. Until today, unless deeply in the Microsoft or Google ecosystems, Evernote would have been our default recommendation for most users.
Instagram has updated its still-in-beta official Windows Phone app to version 0.4, adding support for lock screen integration.
As we have previously commented, the Windows Phone version of Instagram remains some way behind the feature level of the Android and iOS version.
Microsoft has announced the availability of an LTE variant of its Windows powered Surface 2 tablet device.
In launching this new version of Surface 2, we’re adding the power and reach of AT&T’s 4G LTE network to an already fantastic device.
Samsung's re-use of the Galaxy S4 design in the ATIV SE, echoes a similar pattern from the Galaxy S3 and the ATIV S.
The positioning of the volume controls, front facing camera, and front facing sensors is also common between the two devices, but it is notable that the ATIV SE has dropped the camera capture key.
The screen of the ATIV SE is shown as having three standard size Live Tiles across the screen, suggesting a physical screen size of 5.0 or more inches. The Samsung ATIV SE is the same handset that we covered earlier as the Samsung "Huron" (SMW750V). Sadly, Airport City also shares another trait with Modern Mayor - being built on a cross platform game it's very definitely not optimised for Windows Phone, with tiny details and fonts that strain even players with really good eyesight. Bit by bit the airport and supporting 'city' (ok, ok, four houses at first!) grow - the graphics here are slightly easier on the eye, though the status readouts at the top are all tough.
Supersolid's freemium RPG Adventure Town has picked up an update this month which appears to help with the stability of the app and addresses the issues some players were having with the social sharing. This is very much a game that is just the wrong side of acceptable in the freemium debate. More importantly, I've been busy enough that I don't want to play for more than a few minutes. Working publicly through its beta testing phase is, a third party client for the Pinterest service.

Offering you the same feature set as the Pinterest website, offers access to the service through a comprehensive app, although it does step away from the Windows Phone Design Language so it feels more like the 'media rivers' of apps like Instagram.
It already has many fans in the Pinterest community, and if you're looking to get started with the service, or need a mobile client on Windows Phone to carry on using the service, it is certainly worth a look. When online services such as Pinterest decide to skip the development of a Windows Phone client, it's good to know they are happy to have third-party developers step in to the gap and give them a full API interface and access to the service. Avengers Alliance, a turn-based role playing game set in the Marvel universe, is now available for Windows Phone.
Reminiscent of classic role-playing games, such as the early Final Fantasy series, the game play sees you grouped into teams of three, with each member of your team (and the enemies you are facing) taking it in turns to perform actions one at a time.
This means there's more of a strategy element to the game than there is for pure action or fighting games. Subway Surfers is the brainchild of Denmark based games development companies; Kiloo and SYBO Games. All intellectual property rights in and to Subway Surfers are owned by Kiloo, including copyrighted images and trademarks from Subway Surfers. Action and Arcade games have been the long favorite in mobile gaming with android and iOS platforms topping all of them. Note that in extreme zoom cases, the viewfinder doesn't show the full quality result, think of it as a preview only. Every time I hit the volume controls there's an uncertainty as to whether they're going to work. No changelog is given by Nokia (which is disappointing) but I've rattled around a load of audio-accessing applications since applying the update and things haven't gone wrong yet. Previously you had to own a Windows PC with the very expensive Office installed - OneNote has been released formally as a free download in the Apple Mac App Store here.
Note that it's a huge 235MB download, presumably because of lots of graphical resources - and a runtime or two. One cautionary note is that syncing through the Microsoft cloud isn't instant - I found that new notebooks and 'sections' (tabs) took multiple minutes to make it from Mac to phone. In practise this means it is making available a free standalone version of OneNote for Windows and Mac PCs, complementing the free versions available for the web, mobile, and tablet.
This means that features such as SharePoint support, version history, and Outlook integration, are only available in the Office 365 and Office 2013 version of OneNote.
This version is expected to continue to remain available as a standalone enterprise version of OneNote. In most cases this involves sending content to OneNote, burnishing its capabilities as an information gathering tools. The most obvious target is Evernote, but other competitors include Google Keep, and potentially cloud storage services where users focus on information gathering and collation. You'll first need to turn lock screen integration on, then, secondly, choose from which feed to draw the photos displayed on the lockscreen. It's a simple way to capture and share the world's moments on your Windows Phone. Customize your photos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects.
While the Lumia 2520 does have less internal memory (32GB rather than 64GB) and misses out on some of the Surface 2 extras (e.g. The image, assumed to be a promotional render of the device produced for marketing purposes, shows a Windows Phone 8.1 device, with a design that mixes elements of both the Android powered Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Windows Phone powered ATIV S.
Until recently, this was a hardware element that was required by Microsoft, but has since been dropped as part of a wider relaxation of hardware and design requirements for Windows Phone devices.
Also of interest is the presence of a WatchON Live Tile, a Samsung app that aims to provide a remote control for entertainment the home (combination of on-demand video services and remote control of devices via IR blaster). As we noted then, while the device is siad to be exclusive to Verizon it is probable that Samsung will also release a global variant of the device.
With court cases over in-app purchases in the news at the moment, and with my own outrage at swingeing IAPs in some titles still ringing around the walls of AAWP Towers, along comes a 'simulation' game that rises to new peaks of IAP craziness.
Why bother putting in a lot of hard work and expense building something in the real world when you can put in equal amounts of work and real money into building something small, trivial and virtual in a phone game?

Just look at Deadlings or Flower Garden as far, far better examples of how to make money while not cheesing off your potential gaming customers. It asks for too much time and effort, and in return it doesn't offer you a worthwhile return on your investment. It's a game that gets a live tile on my start screen (which says a lot to me about how often I feel the need to open the game), it doesn't require too many clicks during each session to maintain the Town's resources and expansion, and the combat system is light enough to be quick but still offer enough tactical options to keep me interested. If I did want to have an extended session, then I'd be looking at the freemium options to help heal warriors, speed up timers, and make the whole thing move a lot faster. Each action takes a certain amount of energy (stamina) and can be offensive or defensive in nature, with the ultimate aim being to defeat your opponents.
Understanding how various actions work, and the impact they will have on different characters, is the key to playing the game successfully. This energy form the in-game currency, and while it does get automatically refreshed over time, you can also opt to buy more energy using in app purchases. Cities like New York, Rome and Tokyo have been featured in the game so far where players like (Jake, Tricky & Fresh) are running around escaping the cranky Inspector and his dog by shuffling through train tracks. Well, today sees (maybe) the end of the saga, with an update across the platform for Nokia's 'audio' module in Windows Phone's settings. In use, it's fast enough, though it does seem odd to see a Microsoft Office-style 'ribbon' in addition to the traditional Mac application menus. In addition Microsoft announced that the OneNote service now has a cloud API, making it easier for third party apps and services to integrate with OneNote. The underlying idea is to make it easier to get important data into OneNote, such that the service and app become a one stop location for all your important notes, reminders, and miscellaneous bits of information. Photos displayed on the lockscreen will have a small Instagram watermark shown in the top right hand corner as a reminder of the source of the photos. That does mean, depending on the framing that some Instagram photo do not make very good lockscreen images, but for many it will be a reasonable trade to see more personally meaningful photos on your lockscreen. There has, however, been a number of minor updates since the app was first released last year, indicating there is an active development program. Transform everyday moments into works of art you'll want to share with friends and family.Share your photos in a simple photo stream with friends to see - and follow your friends' photos with the click of a single button. The most noticeable of these are the navigation key controls, consisting of capacitive search and back keys and a physical button Windows key. This would be equivalent to the release of the Samsung ATIV S and the Samsung ATIV Odyssey last year. Yes, dear readers, it's quite possible to spend ?146 of your own hard earned money in a couple of taps in Airport City. This graphical text is obviously designed for a completely different platform and set of screen routines.
But for very light snacking over a long period, Adventure Town is actually a better game than I first thought it was.
The nerve wracking part of the game is how it gradually catches pace and you have no option, but to be gripped more and more as the game proceeds. I've experienced this on multiple devices and have had confirmations from others who have seen the same.
AAS readers should also note that OneNote was part of the 'Microsoft Apps' pack from a couple of years ago, released through 'SW_Update' - this may or may not still be available from Nokia's servers, depending on your device and variant. Every day you open up Instagram, you'll see new photos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world. Gaming enthusiast with a keen interest in racing games and likes jumping off the hurdles swiftly, has a great chance to achieve high scores.

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