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Ya la han quitado, soy propietario de un lumia 520 y de verdad hace un monton que espero este juego se me presento la oportunidad y lo descargue; me empezo a ir fatal lo quite y quise volver a instalarlo pero ya no esta. The folks over at Kiloo Games have just released a new update that brings new content for those who already finished the current one. This time, Subway Surfers takes players to America, as they will grind trains with their new crew on the buzzing tracks of New York City. Although it's not the first time that Subway Surfers players get to visit New York City, at least developers added a different outfit and another character.

According to the official changelog, players will now be able to boost their surfer collection with Tony's sporty new Game Outfit.
Apart from that, Subway Surfers will get the chance to slam dunk the Weekly Hunts by collecting hidden basketballs high and low. If you don't have the game yet, you can now download Subway Surfers for Android for free via Google Play Store. Last but not least, you can also download Subway Surfers for Windows Phone for free via Windows Phone Store.

Keep in mind that while the game is available for free, it comes with in-app purchases so if you don't want to spend real money, you can disable this feature.
5 reasons lumia 630 lumia 520, 5 reasons why the lumia 630 is better than the lumia 520.

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