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According to Green Tech Media, a 10-car subway train in New York’s system requires a jolt of three to four megawatts of power for 30 seconds to get up to cruising speed. Vycon’s plan would see a decelerating subway train generate up to four megawatts of energy. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Graffiti vandals have been on a rampage a€” painting murals and boastful tags on the outside of two dozen subway cars since New Yeara€™s Day. The spray-paint menaces carried out at least nine sneak attacks in the first 11 days of the year a€” sometimes returning to the same spot on consecutive days, sources said. One tagger even taunted authorities for an apparent lack of vigilance, scrawling a€?MTA You are slackena€? on the exterior of a subway car that was parked overnight in the Bronx. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority on average spends about $1 million a year to remove graffiti from its stainless steel subway trains, spokesman Kevin Ortiz said.
When weather like that heads our way, the MTA moves many of its subway cars to underground a€?layupa€? areas for the night. The layup areas, which are policed by the NYPD, are inside the much more porous subway system. A photo of a spray paint can and marker released by the New York City Transit Bureau, which arrested two suspects Saturday morning at the 111th St. The police finally caught up with and arrested two vandals early Saturday morning at the 111th St. Amid a rash of subway falls and high-profile pushing incidents, the MTA has stepped up its efforts to promote platform safety.
The three-month exhibition that will be open at The Crystal in Royal Victoria Docks, London from October 8, will invite the public to take a sneak peek into how we will be travelling underground in the next decades.
On its official website, Siemens unveils details about the driverless Inspiro subway train designed by the Siemens partner DesignworksUS. Visitors to the display will be also invited to use a special application that allows to explore elements of the exhibition and get a deeper insight into the train of future.

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Apart from being among the world’s most energy-hungry cities, they all have underground subway systems. Moving trains carry a lot of kinetic energy, and the company believes they can harness this energy whenever a train slows down at a station. This power would be sent to the company’s Regen flywheels, which would be housed at the station.
During winter storms, trains are moved to underground 'layup' areas for the night, which presents an opportunity to enterprising vandals. The first half of January featured a major snowstorm, dangerously low temperatures, and several days when sheets of ice covered both the roads and rails.
During weather emergencies, the MTA parks many of its idle trains on unused middle express tracks in the dark tunnels between stations. New posters cite the scary numbers: “141 people were struck by trains in 2012, 55 were killed” now joins the daily dose of statistics greeting commuters, along with how many packets of sugar are in three sugary soft drinks (40) and how many of Dr.
Last week, a man trying to commit suicide laid down in the track bed at Columbus Circle, but in the wrong spot for his purposes. Tapping into this area, technology powerhouse Siemens collaborates with London Transport Museum and media company CBS Outdoor UK to present a free exhibition, “Going Underground: Our journey to the future” that revolves around the future developments for metro-style trains and stations. In a temporary “station” building, Siemens is to unveil a new concept modular metro train of the Siemens Inspiro line that fuses technologies designed to provide more comfort in commuting. The new train from Siemens is 30% more energy efficient and 20% lighter than similar subway trains of our time. These public transport systems help millions of people each day to get to and from work, but what if they could also be used to help power these metropolises? By connecting a flywheel to the rail system, Vycon believes that the kinetic energy could be converted to electrical power. It also uses some middle express tracks on elevated sections on the outer fringes of lines.

The improvements in the concept, with interior inspired by light and space, range from different areas, including electronic ticketing and metro advertising facilities, to passenger information systems and station management solutions. The capacity of a metro can be increased by up to 50% with systems of automatic train control and protection presented in Inspiro. Vycon Energy, who makes industrial flywheels, believes that they can tap the immense amount of kinetic energy carried by moving subway trains to subsidize city power systems. This electricity could then be used to get the train moving again – it is a system that has had been used with great success in hybrid vehicles. The power usage is so great that train departures are staggered in order to accomdate the availability of power. Recently, the transit union, which is advocating for the MTA to slow trains down, joined in, passing out flyers informing straphangers that trains coming in to the station—they’re going about 35 miles per hour when they pull in—kill one person a week on average. The previous subway train in the Inspiro range was launched in Warsaw, Poland, in early 2013. Not only would this reduce emissions, but it would also help to avoid peak power emergencies.
But wait, hang on, you say: If 55 people who were hit by trains were killed, what happened to the other 86? We see that probably once a year.” The most dramatic incident he recalls was not a daredevil act but a stumble, at the Lexington Avenue and 77th Street stop. The police spokeswoman remembers an intoxicated man who curled up under the platform overhang. Which he might have done, if one of his legs had not been sticking out into the path of the next arriving train.

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