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New York Daily News Photographer captures abandoned New York City subways Photographer captures abandoned New York City subways Daredevil photographer, known as 'Dark.Cyanide,' travels to the extremes to capture hidden gems in a way the world has never seen before. Posted in Graffiti, Photography, Trains & Subways and tagged Bruce Davidson, Richard Sandler. DISCLAIMERWe do not condone, promote or encourage vandalism or destruction of property either public or private.

The MTA began to put up a new batch of posters detailing a dozen do's and don'ts of subway riding. From a New York City landscape from the top of a skyscraper to trekking across bridges, this time he gives the world a look inside abandoned subway systems in the Big Apple. They were selected from rider complaints to the MTA about the behaviors passengers want banished, spokesman Kevin Ortiz said.

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