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Though we're known for providing world-class conventional medical care, we also offer an ever-expanding range of complementary medical services. Within Sutter's Northern California network, you can find physicians and hospitals who perform transplants, offer the most advanced treatments for cancer, provide leading-edge surgical techniques and care for the most difficult pregnancies and deliveries.
The Sutter Health Institutional Review Board (SHIRB) is established in accordance with federal law to protect the safety, rights, and welfare of human subjects involved in research at Sutter Health and its affiliated entities. Required: Sutter Health Research Institute administrative review prior to IRB submissionIn accordance with Sutter Health policy, any research project involving Sutter Health and its affiliated entities must be reviewed and cleared for IRB review by one of the Sutter Health Research Institutes prior to entry into the SHIRB electronic submission system and submission to the IRB. On Monday, June 16, Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation (SEBMF) opened a new urgent care clinic in Castro Valley. Common conditions that can be treated include:sore throat, cold and flu, vomiting, diarrhea, asthma, headaches, ear infections, urinary tract infections, sprains, strains, bumps and bruises, and back pain, among others.
The purpose of this review is to determine the level of administration and oversight required to ensure that Sutter Health meets its federal, state, local, and institutional obligations and a source of funding for the IRB review is identified (see fee schedule below). Located on the first floor of SEBMF’s medical office building at 20101 Lake Chabot Rd., the clinic offers a convenient service for patients who need non-emergency care after their doctor’s office is closed, or on weekends and holidays.

Staffed by both emergency physicians and primary care physicians, the urgent care team of doctors and support staff work closely together to provide prompt, quality and convenient care for medical conditions, that while not emergencies, require care within 24 hours. SEBMF, part of the Sutter Health network, has primary care and specialty doctors throughout San Francisco East Bay including Contra Costa and Alameda counties. We consider them to be "integrative," combining conventional medical treatments with other approaches from many cultures and philosophies to support the whole patient in achieving optimal health.Please note that each program varies and services may not be available in all communities. Unless specifically exempted by the IRB from further review, every research project involving humans must be SHIRB-approved prior to initiation and re-approved at least once a year (or more often, as determined by the IRB). SHIRB will not consider an application completea€”and will not initiate IRB reviewa€”without the appropriate sign-off from the applicable Research Institute.Prior to submitting to SHIRB, please contact the applicable Research Institute for information about pre-IRB requirements.
As part of the service, a complete treatment report is provided to the patient’s personal physician for follow up after the visit. If a medical problem is life-threatening, you should call 911 or go to the hospital emergency room. SHIRBa€™s primary responsibility is the protection of human subjects from undue risk and from deprivation of personal rights and dignity.

In addition, SEBMF’s outpatient imaging and lab services, which are also located in the Castro Valley medical office building, now have extended hours to provide services to urgent care patients. SHIRB is currently comprised of two panels each of which meets monthly and shares equal authority and responsibility for reviewing research in any area or specialty. SHIRB operates in compliance with relevant state and federal regulations (including 45 CFR 46 and 21 CFR 50 and 56) and with the Federalwide Assurances (FWAs) of the Sutter Health affiliates. Each SHIRB panel is registered with the Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP): registration #00009826 and #00009827.

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