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The equipment you need for digiscoping, in addition to a camera, is a spotting scope with an eyepiece, a camera adapter and a tripod with a balance rail (spotting scope rail). Your spotting scope should have a good optical system capable of reproducing bright images with lifelike colors.
Your spotting scope’s magnification performance can have a positive impact on the quality of your pictures. Technically, spotting scopes are designed to remain balanced when mounted on a tripod even without using an additional rail on the tripod head. The large selection of different camera systems available nowadays is sufficient to meet almost any requirement. There are a few important points that you need to bear in mind when choosing the right camera for digiscoping. Your authorized dealer will be able to provide you with further advice and demonstrate exactly how the camera works to help you make the right purchase.
Both the DCB II swing adapter (with a 20-30 mm pancake objective lens) and the TLS APO (used without a camera lens with a T2 adapter ring) are suitable for system cameras.
The TLS APO camera adapter (used without a camera lens with a T2 adapter ring) is suitable for digital SLR cameras.
A tripod is essential for producing sharp, high-contrast images when taking photographs, much more so than when observing.
SWAROVSKI OPTIK digiscoping products make sure that you definitely have the best equipment. In the following section you can find out more about the products available, the combination options with cameras, as well as about which aspects you should focus on in order to achieve the right requirements for producing successful digiscoping images.
As part of this, there has been a definite trend in recent years towards greater flexibility (e.g. The main purpose of a digital camera adapter is to align the camera with the spotting scope. When digiscoping, especially with SLR cameras, the center of gravity shifts backward, depending on the camera model. Whether you want to take a quick documentary shot when digiscoping or take the time to create artistic animal or nature photos, the new adapter systems enable you to use both professional SLR cameras and highly functional system and compact cameras. You are basically free to choose from a large number of differing digital compact, SLR and system cameras. Most cameras currently available offer a host of settings, which can sometimes make the difference between an ordinary photograph and an outstanding one, especially in poor conditions.
Optimum stability makes a considerable contribution to image quality and is an absolute must. At high magnifications, the image is very sensitive to motion, and the slightest shake will result in a distorted or blurred picture. The smoother the tripod head’s movements are, the easier it is to frame and lock in the shot.
If you would like to give digiscoping a try and get in touch with our experts and trainers directly, we offer suitable seminars to which we would like to cordially invite you and encourage you to attend.

A smooth-operating focusing ring allows you to make fine focus adjustments and is particularly important for taking pictures with a high magnification.
But it also performs two further functions: it secures the camera to the spotting scope and prevents stray light from entering the camera that would prevent you from taking good pictures.
The weight should therefore be shifted forward again to ensure that you can pan and use your scope comfortably and easily. Long focal lengths (high levels of magnification) enable you to take close-up photographs of normally shy animals or distant objects in hard-to-reach places over large distances without disturbing them.
The main differences between digital SLR cameras and compact digital cameras are that digital SLRs have interchangeable lenses, they are larger and a little heavier and, depending on the model, they incorporate more professional functions – for instance, a higher ISO number, a wider range of shutter speeds and the ability to take images in RAW format.
Depending on the camera model, the TLS 800 provides a fixed focal length of between 800 and 1200 mm – a focal length range that photographers would struggle to achieve with alternative systems.
Keep the tripod legs and center column as low as possible when taking photographs to dampen these vibrations even more effectively. This can be achieved quickly and easily with SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scopes and telescope rails, according to your specific requirements.
System cameras provide an attractive intermediate solution, offering the major benefit of not having a reflex mirror, which has an extremely positive impact on any vibration caused when the release button is pressed. A carbon-fiber (or carbon) tripod can dampen vibrations more effectively than an aluminum tripod, and is also significantly lighter than aluminum or wood.
Once again, there is a wide range of options available, and both weight and functionality are important factors.
When buying a spotting scope, make sure that there are suitable digiscoping adapters available for this product.
When you’re in the field, you might not have that much time to get your camera into position and take the shot. In this case, when the tripod head is not locked, try to position the whole setup carefully on the telescope rail so that a horizontal balance is achieved. You can use the camera’s zoom function to prevent vignetting and take full-frame photographs. Another stabilization option is a weight bag: an accessory that hangs underneath the center column and can be filled with rocks, sand, etc. Digiscoping products from SWAROVSKI OPTIK combine the superior optical performance of SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scopes with your camera’s advanced features. This will then also prevent any shaking or slipping when you switch from your observation position to taking photographs. The angled-view design allows you to observe subjects comfortably and set the tripod in a lower position.

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