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One part of the most important themes were the remodelling measures taken in the new building sections. Gerhard Dauscher sat several months brooding over 3D-models and plans in order to incorporate as many ideas and whishes as possible. The most important theme was, of course, planning and building the new Swiss and the future airport section.
Not just for us but for the whole country the Soccer World Championship was an important event.
One thing, however, was not to be missed out : The Championship Special train running on the layout during the time of the World Soccer Championships.
It is barely imaginable that a model railroad exhibition could draw that many visitors in just 4.5 years.

Another highligt this year was the 5th anniversary of the Miniatur Wunderland since the opening in 2001. Since his visit he is on stage at the push of button and performs his program in a concert hall. Mario Barth passed by before his performance in Hamburg and awed at all the small details which the 'most prmitive hobby of men' could bring up! Kerner' with Freddy and Gerrit he spoke really fascinated about the layout and its impact on him. Since we oriented us as close as possible to the prototype, we installed so-called Blue Goals in the Hamburg section; just as had been done in the real world from May to October when many roofs in the Hamburg city were crowned with them. The Miniatur Wunderland wouldn't be the Miniatur Wunderland, if it could not react to such unforeseeable problems.

Although the complete Speicherstadt complex was shut off from traffic, the trains kept on running.
If 2006 had been a leap year, we would indeed have been open for 365 days but now we 'only' were open for 364.5 days – Ashes on our heads!

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