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On 1 Oct  2011, Railways Minister of West Bengal  Dinesh Trivedi  and Union minister of state for Shipping, flagged off the first double decker train  between Howrah to Dhanbad.
The train will start from Howrah station and the stoppage will be  at Barddhaman, Durgapur, Asansol, Barakar and Kumardhubi to Dhanbad. With  the  increase in the carrying capacity, the railways would be able to double its earnings. These are created by Research Development and Standard Organisation and developed by Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala. It is using end-on-generation configuration where power for train lighting and air-conditioning is supplied by two power cars, attached at both ends of the train to save the power. However, now the common people can also afford  air conditioned travel  as of low cost. I am super excited to travel in first double decker train and what about you?
And also, there are many types of deals, such as ICOCA, Kansai Thru Pass, JR Pass, Kansai Area Pass, Kyoto city pass.
If you intend to take Sagano Scenic Railway and take JR train to come back to Arashiyama or Kyoto, Kansai Area Pass and Sanyo Area Pass cover only to Hozukyo station. Other JR passes, such as Kansai Area Pass and other JR West deals do not cover any bus services.
If you use Takayama Hokuriku Area Pass, you can get Kyoto but you cannot get any places in Kyoto city, like Fushimi, Arashiyama. This deal covers Kyoto city subway lines, Kyoto city bus and Kyoto Bus (private bus company). If you access from Osaka, take Hankyu if you stay in Umeda (JR Osaka station) and take Keihan if you stay in Namba or Shinsaibashi area. If you get Arashiyama from Kyoto station or using JR deals, JR Sagano line is the best choice. If you get Arashiyama from Gion and Kawaramachi area, I recommend you to take Hankyu to Omiya and transfer to Randen.
If you stay in Sanjo area and get Arashiyama, take subway to Uzumasa-Tenjingawa station and transfer to Randen.
Also, could I check whether the WIDE Area Pass covers the JR Sanyo Line (not the Sanyo Shinkansen, which it does).

I will be taking the jr train from tokyo to kyoto but where do you think it’s more worth it to explore first?
I cant find information on web whether Private Subway Operator is considered to be subway lines that are included in this Pass. Which pass would be most suitable if we were to plan to go to several places like Fushimi Inari, Kinkakuji, Nijo Castle in Kyoto for a day trip? Practice (Best Practice Software) is an integrated clinical and practice management software program used by over 2000 medical practices across Australia. With Best Practice training we show you the easiest & safest ways to record essential clinical and financial data. Our trainers are all Best Practice Software Approved Trainers as well as being experienced medical practice staff and qualified adult educators. While based in Sydney we visit other states regularly.
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She loves to find new places to visit, map the directions and can talk on, So you get smoother experience to Travel in India. There are three types of railway, JR, Kyoto City Subway and Private company’s railways. When you travel in Kansai area, don’t try to take Shinkansen for such a short transfer. Randen-Tenjingawa station is located on the ground and subway’s station is underground. Is it possible to walk from Ginkakuji to Kiyomizu Dera temple or would it be time consuming and causes my planned itinerary to be not viable? I guess it’s better for me to purchase ICOCA card as I need to purchase single ticket a few times and by having ICOCA will save me some times. My friends and I will be travelling down to Osaka next month and planning to move around Kobe, Nara, Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya during our vacation.
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Now, the Indian Railway is introducing First air conditioned double decker train to make your journey even more comfortable and faster. Actually it’s a key to travel in Kyoto smoothly and avoid wasting your valuable time. But it is very inconvenient to access to Higashiyama area, such as Kiyomizudera, Gion, Sanjo and Kifune. Does this mean that the scenic route is covered, but not the Kyoto-Sagaarashiyama and the Umahori-Kyoto parts of the journey, which take place on the JR Sagano line? If you go to eastern Kyoto, you need to take a bus or subway from JR Kyoto station as you see the map above. Now India will be listed into the league of Europe and North America where multi-deck trains have been moving since a decade now. In my understanding, you can get Saga-Arashiyama from Kyoto and can take Sagano line train from Umahori. But during peak season, bus service runs behind the schedule sometimes due to traffic congestion. If you access from Osaka (Umeda) to Kyoto station, you cannot get a direct transfer by this pass. So if you access there from the heart of Kyoto, subway and JR combination is a good choice too. You don’t need to but if you change your mind and get tired, you can hop on the bus by this pass. How to use Japan Rail Pass in Kyoto (146)Access to Nara from Kyoto by Japan Railways, Miyakoji Rapid Service (26)Guide to take trains in Osaka.

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