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Walthers’ Washington Salvage series in HO scale offers the model railroader a range of versatile and flexible models that will enhance not only their intended subject but other model scenes as well. On a model railroad, a salvage yard is a natural industry that can easily be included on layouts representing not only different regions, but also different eras. Walthers now offers a selection of five injection molded plastic kits and seven prefinished resin details as part of their Washington Salvage Yard series to flesh out an HO scale junk yard of any size. Corrugated Metal Fencing (933-3645) rounds out Walther’s list of available plastic kits in this series.
Each of the Washington Salvage Yard kits are molded in color making them a perfect starting point for those just entering the hobby of model railroading. To flesh out any HO scale model salvage yard, Walthers offers a collection of pre-decorated resin details that represent commonly seen scrap items.
Walthers’ Washington Salvage series offers the model railroader a range of versatile and flexible models that will enhance not only their intended subject but other model scenes as well. The Railroad Scrap Pile (933-3738), Junk Truck Row (933-3739), and Junk Automobiles Row (933-3633) are just three of the fully assembled, pre-painted resin detail items that are featured in the Washington Salvage Yard Series.
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Other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. The Craftsman’s work bench A meeting place for those who like to go the supererogatory international nautical mile and build craftman kits or something entirely from scraping Share your tips and. While the initial early development of railroads has been linked to their support of the mining industry, the original common carrier railroads were built to supply our nation's expanding cities with food stuffs to feed the growing populations and raw agricultural products for the newly created factories. The starting point of this supply chain is the farm where crops are sown, harvested and initial processing takes place before beginning their journey to the end user.
Included in the injection molded kits are the Lancaster Farm House, Meadowhead Barn and Cast Concrete Silo. The largest category in Walthers' RuralUSA offerings comprises seven easy to assemble laser cut wood, paper and cardstock kits that are perfect for novices. The largest of the kits is the Sparrow Creek Barn which has the same foot print as the injection molded plastic Meadowhead Barn which allows the resin base kit to be used with it as well.
Both barns and the machine shed can be further expanded and customized with the addition of the three walled lean to shed. While barns and out buildings house most live stock in addition to acting as storage for fodder and machinery some live stock requires specialized accommodations. The fit on all of the kits was excellent so all that was needed was to trim the tabs holding the parts to release them from their carrier sheets. Building and finishing a model frequently goes beyond the normal paint and glues that we all use in construction.
To illustrate these techniques I rummaged through some of the many older craftsman kits that have been stored away over the years with the hopes of building them someday. The most important step in craftsman kit construction is the preparation of the various parts prior to assembly. Select the larger casting that will be treated with the Rust-n-Dust and prime the cleaned parts with a thin gray primer and allow them to dry over night. Step Three: Seal each of the parts with the clear acrylic sealer in the third jar and allow to dry. For what ever reason hand rails and pipe details seem to shed paint with infuriating regularity. One thing to keep in mind when using Blacken-It is that it will react differently to different metals.
Once the parts are cleaned and dry the solution is either painted on to each piece or the piece is dipped. At this point with all of the various parts finished all that is left to do is to assemble the model per the instructions. Once assembly is completed the entire model is given an overall coat of clear flat lacquer. New products and techniques can easily bring older models up to today’s standards so don’t overlook one of those older kits that you have squirreled away for the future.

The salvage facility is the collection point for reusable raw materials that would otherwise be deposited in landfills.
Whether built to fill in an empty corner as was done with our samples or as a large center stage business, the scrap industry offers not only interesting operations but also will provide dramatic and detailed industrial scenery.
The keystone of these models is the Metal Clad Processing Building (933-2928) with its truck scale and chain link fencing. Representing eight-foot-tall metal panels with steel posts this type of fencing is often used to provide security to the yard, this kit provides several feet of easy to assemble fence. It can help you increase sales, expand your customer base, or launch new model railroading ventures. They are buyers with a proven record of responding to the advertisements in Model Railroader. It helps people find advertising opportunities with magazine publishers in 148 consumer markets. The Projects assembly is for your Non Craftsman projects such American Samoa loco and freight passenger car. Give the axe you truly build axerophthol complete O bore RR for C in all probability not just you as well don’t have to spend group A fortune to have fun with play trains model railroad craftsman forum.
Railway transportation allowed a city's radius of supply to expand rapidly from tens of miles to hundreds of miles, to the thousands of miles that are taken for granted in our modern times. Historically the farm provides some of humanity's oldest examples of collective manufacturing in which raw materials are grown, collected and processed into either food stuffs, textiles or building materials.
This leads to a diversity among farms based not only on a region's dominant crops but also the owner's business plan.
Whether this is due to a perceived lack of space or possibly and more likely, a lack of knowledge on the subject is not certain.
The Farm House is the most complex of the three kits and represents a classic two storey frame structure that would be at home either in a rural or urban setting from the 1880s to present. This kit can be used with either the plastic Meadowhead Barn or the laser cut Sparrow Creek Barn kits. In addition to the laser cut pieces, injection molded casement style windows are included where appropriate and can be assembled in either open or closed positions. Featuring a peaked gable end roof in its construction, the laser cut barn is particularly common on farms in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the country. Unlike the other two barns, this model features end doors making it useful on more modern layouts in the role of a tractor or machinery repair building.
The addition of the shed will allow the modeler change the foot print and overall look of these buildings with the addition of one or more of these kits. While appearing complex and very detailed clever design allows the crib to be easily built with dramatic results.
Since most farms in the late 19th to the mid 20th century were self sufficient, providing water for live stock, the farm's household needs and crop irrigation required some provision for pumping large amounts of water. A wood glue was used to assemble the main parts with ACC being used to add the plastic windows to the models.
Capturing the decay and aging of the prototype requires mastering some of the specialized techniques that have been developed specifically to reproduce the aging of wood and oxidation of metals. Each pieces had its grain detailed with Micro-Mark’s® Grain Enhancing Tool demonstrated in the first Craftsman Tool Chest installment. In addition any one who has ever tried to pain scale sized chain has found that it is akin to pushing a rope. Leave Blacken-It on the part until the desired color is attained then wash the item in dish washing detergent and water.
When the flat coat had dried part four of the Rust-n-Dust system was brushed over the log buggy.
The completed model replicates in miniature a common metal framed and metal clad building with an attached brick faced office.
Advertising in Model Railroader offers the assurance that your message is reaching the entire model railroading market.
There are many factors influencing current figures, so please contact the magazine's advertising team for today's exact figures.
Our local alternative weekly theme did a nice article on exemplary railroading & journeyman kits. Walthers consists of several kits for typical American farm structures, including barns, sheds, silos, and dwellings.
North America, due in part to its large sections of inexpensive arable land, strong immigrant settlement, liberal homestedding policies and strong economic development in the 18th and 19th centuries now hosts the ultimate evolution of the family farm and sets the world's standard for modern agribusiness. Hopefully, this shortage of model farms will be alleviated by the introduction of a complete collection of HO scale farm structures from William K.
Consisting of five cleanly cast resin pieces that have a minimum of flash this foundation for the barn will require a moderate skill set to build and finish this kit.
The one piece interior slated crib walls are cut from thin card stock that takes paints and stain like wood.
Chickens and eggs often would provide a side business for the farmer's wife while hogs would frequently be raised and processed as a meat source for the family.
These are small in comparison to today's large Agribusiness poultry and hog houses making them perfect additions to a space starved railroad layout. Pumps and their motors were frequently housed in separate buildings on the property close to the farm's well, pond or other water source. These easily built, old style craftsman kits use precut bass wood, brass wire and die-cast metal detail parts in their construction.

Once the wood was distressed, Micro-Mark Age-It EASY was applied with a soft brush and allowed to completely dry.
The final step of applying a dust over coat was held off until the model was complete at which time the entire model had dust brushed over it with a soft dry brush. The quick and easy answer to finishing these parts is to use a chemical tarnishing solution.
For best results the items to be blackened should be as clean and grease free as possible since Blacken-It will not penetrate dirt and grease. To assure that the metal parts would adhere the gluing surfaces were sanded down to bare metal. To replicate this greasy build up use burnt umber oil paint brushed onto the trucks straight from the tube. This easy to assemble, versatile kit can be used for any number of alternate businesses that can represent any enterprise from a light manufacturing facility to a wholesale warehouse. Additionally, many of the items can be used to detail other model scenes where trash and junk seems to naturally accumulate. Newly railroad Modellers Forums Model railroad Discussion assembly For Railroad Model artificer Magazine mannequin railroads construction skills and. Not only are these kits well designed and easy to build, but they go a long way to allowing a modeler a wide number of options to construct realistic and specific farms on their layouts. Prior to assembly with gel ACC glue each of the pieces were thoroughly cleaned to remove any mold release and oils. When glued into a wooden box frame the two cribs are quickly assembled the structure quickly takes shape. While not specific as to the type of power used to run the pump this small easy to build kit adds additional detail to the farm scene.
Once dry the pieces were burnished with 0000 steel wool to remove any grain that had been raised or fuzz. The kit is available both in HO and O scale so the techniques used are applicable to any scale that one would choose to work in. Age-It is a solvent based penetrating stain and weathering solution that will not warp wood and cause the grain to pop like many water based products.
I found that the base coat that is used makes a difference in the finished rust color; dark brown will yield a darker, older rust color while a black under coat will give a more orange, newer rust finish. This technique provides a smooth, durable finish that will not hide fine details or chip like paint frequently does. This removes the paint to which the glue will not readily attach and provides a rough surface on the metal that allows for a better bond. While a bit fiddly to build, the included chain link fence produces a finely rendered representation of this common industrial fixture. To provide rail service to your facility, you'll want to acquire some gondolas, either traditional low-side cars or the more modern, high-capacity high-side gondolas. This collection includes eleven separate kits which when combined with one another will provide the modeler with a seemingly unlimited number of farm options.
A slight amount of sanding and filing of the pieces needed to be done to assure that all of the seams had a tight fit. Depending on the type of finish that one wishes the models to have the parts can now be painted prior to assembly or after the models have been put together.
To capture this look the wooden timbers would need to be scored with age and have a gray patina while the metal parts needed to be tarnished and rusted. Age-It is available in both gray and brown as well as Railroad Tie & Bridge Stain colors leaving the choice of finish up to the modeler. One word of caution when using this product is to follow all the safety warnings and instructions. Aliphatic Resin Glues such as Titebond are also useful for wood to wood construction; however, over the long term they are susceptible to moisture.
Best results were had by pre-painting all of the parts before assembling in place directly to the model site. Round out the scene with some backhoes, loaders, and heavy duty dump trucks (also available from several manufacturers through Walthers). These easily assembled kits have been divided between three types of modeling media; injection molded plastic, cast resin and laser cut wood, paper and cardstock. The model represents a silo constructed of cast concrete staves held together with steel tensioning bands and turnbuckles.
Once the foundation was assembled the entire structure was primed with flat grey spray primer before the individual stone work was painted with acrylic craft paints and finished with a black acrylic wash. A small kitchen strainer is a good tool for holding the parts while being rinsed and dried. The final step of the painting process is to apply a coat of flat spray lacquer such as Testors Dull Coat. This will rough up the surface and provide more tooth to the finish and give better adherence to the Rust-n-Dust. Cleanly molded, all three kits are easy to build and are molded in color therefore can be assembled unpainted should the builder desire.

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