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August 26, 2014 By Irina 1 Comment If you have ever walked the streets of Manhattan specifically around the Times Square area you probably have seen those large red double decker tour buses. The bus is a very modern and all tricked out inside with led lights, TV monitors, and a booming sound system. Before “The Ride” began we were all seated on the bus with a mixed group of native New Yorkers and tourists. As we continued our tour, Jackie, Scott, and “The Ride” did a great job of pointing out the different buildings around Manhattan and their histories. Overall if you are looking for a really fantastic once in a lifetime unique experience you should definitely check out “The Ride”. Disclosure: The Ride provided me with complimentary tickets to experience the ride and to post about my experience.

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Taking a New York tour on a doubledecker bus was probably the best decision we could have made when going to Manhattan NY. We were recommended a tour by Newyorksiteseeing, but on the way to their office on 46th Street, we were approached by another company called City Sights NY, and they persuaded us to take their sightseeing bus instead.
The bus never had more than 10 people on it at once, and we had the option for getting on or off anywhere we wanted along the route. We hopped off the doubledeckerbus in Greenwich Village, and ate at a poplar pizza place called John's Pizza.

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