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A Black Forest Decor Exclusive - The steady gaze of a black bear graces the ceramic Bear Woodlands Dinnerware with black, brown and cream glazes. This dolls house comes complete with four room settings; bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room as well as a doll family so is ideal for instant play.
But longhouses were really long - they could be over 200 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 25 feet high.

Stairs were built on the inside of the fence, so that archers could easily climb up and defend against attack.
This open plan chalet style house, with detachable staircase and balcony also has a detachable roof for added play value. Fireplaces and fire pits ran down the middle of the longhouse for heat and for people to share as a place to cook food.

To get an idea of how big they were, measure the distance from floor to ceiling in your own house.

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