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HIT Entertainment announces a partnership with Televisa to bring HIT’s core brands, including ‘Thomas and Friends’ and ‘Bob the Builder’ to Mexico. Thomas & Friends has performed well, consistently rating among the top 10 kids shows for ages 4-12.
Audry and this one is about the main engine called Thomas.There are 13 pages of actual text and next to each page of text is a page with illustration. The remaining pages are of the railway station.The story is about Thomas, a little engine who dreams of being a Really Useful Engine and having his very own branch line. The back cover of the book is also red and has some smaller pictures showing other titles which are available in this collection.THE STORYThe book begins with the Fat Controller telling us that Thomas is a very hardworking engine shunting coaches for the bigger engines.
The only problem is that Thomas is very keen on playing practical jokes and one day plays one on Gordon.

He tells us that Thomas wants more than anything to have his own branch line.The story begins by giving us some details about Thomas, the amount of wheels he has and about his dome.
We learn that he is fussy and he spends his time pulling coaches around to the station for the big engines to pull. Thomas soon learns that jokes aren't always funny and the next day he demonstrates how serious he can be when there is an emergency on the line.The story is well told but the first half of the book seems a bit rushed. Thomas was a cheeky engine who thought he worked harder than the other engines and he liked playing tricks on the others.Gordon was asleep after pulling the big express when Thomas came up behind him and shouted to wake him up before racing off. Thomas doesn't come across as a very nice character although he does redeem himself later on in the book.The illustrations are very good, the pictures are bright and colourful and there is a lot of detail to discuss with your child. Gordon got a terrible shock and decided to pay Thomas back.The following morning Thomas would not wake up and when he finally did he found Gordon waiting for him to take the coaches for him to pull.

Lots of the other engines are also in the pictures ( Annie, The fat Controller, Harold the Helicopter) so if your child is a fan of the series they will enjoy spotting them.My son enjoyed this book but it has never been a favourite of his. Gordon shouted at Thomas to hurry up, Hurry up yourself replied Thomas.Gordon decided that now would be a good time to teach him a lesson. The story touches upon the idea of being nice to others but I think it could have been explored a bit better.Overall, this book is ok, but I wouldn't have bought it myself.

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