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My First Thomas trains by Golden Bear are the ideal toy for preschool children and make a great introduction to Thomas & Friends. What makes these toys unique is their designed to suite little hands and ease of pushing along the floor.
For over 25 years Golden Bear has been producing both safe and high quality toys which are known for their reliability. These train engines are very lightweight, colorful and very affordable and their actually very cheap considering how appealing and durable they are.

This particular range of brightly colored chunky and sturdy plastic toy trains; My First Thomas trains include the following colorful 25 engines to collect. Actually the My First Thomas Golden Bear trains are under priced considering their quality. My First Thomas trains and the Talking Thomas and Friends are fantastic toys, very colorful and highly pleasing to children. Interestingly these toys are not sold in the United States; however, they are readily sold in the UK where they are very popular.

Molly remote control train Train sets are in Very good to Excellent condition.  **** Please Note ***** Molly remote sticker is torn on one side.

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