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By now you probably know what a big fan I am of the PBS Kids show Dinosaur Train – seriously how smart is that to combine trains and dinosaurs! Published in print in the late 1980's, the delightful simplicity of Byron Barton's illustrations have now arrived in digital.
This title is lightly animated and interactive, allowing the curious child to drag items around the sky view, tap to hear words or tap to name objects in the scene. Featuring polished 3-D illustrations and computer animation, The Magnificent Travelling Palace is a real treat for young armchair travellers. The images for this storybook are beautifully rendered computer graphics that are crisp and colorful.
Like a bright, colorful board book, this app gives toddlers and preschoolers the chance to match early learning concepts to images of fun vehicles.
This app contains a short but cute storybook about two kids (Teo & Bianca) planning their family vacation.
As a digital offering, this title is solidly made with ample settings to navigate and adjust the apps audio. This is a cute story about a little train engine that helps a large train get back on track to deliver holiday gifts to children on the other side of a mountain. The Cloud Factory, from Dalmatian Studios, is an exceptional fine-art book app for children (and adults) with a whimsical storyline about a grandfather and his granddaughter. The sketches appear, colorless but full of feeling, as a little girl, Luna, rides with her own small suitcase in hand. An exceptional new app for young readers (with ten books in one) is now available from Oceanhouse Media!
These titles have been beloved for years in print and get a new life in digital, including educational enhancements. It also has lots of sound effects, including the sound of chewing and swallowing when Sam-I-Am finally realizes how much he really likes green eggs & ham.
Readers are in for a treat with this lyrical tale about a little boy named Marco, traveling by train for the first time. Gorgeous illustrations are one of the highlights of this book app, along with lightly animated, interactive elements. This book follows a parade for the International Banana Festival, a real event held in Fulton, Kentucky from 1963 to 1992. Register today to join in with discussions on the forum, post comments on the site, and upload your own models! With light animation and educational features like touch-to-hear text, Steam Train, Dream Train captures young listeners with a lyrical tale.

This app covers all the important aspects of travel by train, from the types of trains, cargo and passenger accomodations. Settings include nice volume controls, a home button, pageguide and even recordable narration options. Thomas the Train is beloved by many children, from the animated television and movie productions, to the actual toy wooden trains that populate many of the 'toy rooms' across the globe.
In animated scenes, young learners see and hear images for concepts that include sounds, words, colors, shapes and numbers. Tapping on most of the vehicles brings a quick reward of sound effects, a change in the animation and verbal reinforcements. When they decide to go to the beach, readers get to help pack the suitcases and learn about sea life before the final chapter in their story about building a sand castle. A smokestack pumps out black and white line-drawn clouds with delicate classical music in the background as the app is opened. This is the digital version of the print books, released from 1983 through 1994, by Mercer Mayer.
It is solidly made and takes the emphasis on sight words for 'learner readers' to the next level in this digital version of a Seuss classic. The story follows the different parade floats and other entries, saying, "But that wasn't the best part," at the end of each page. Join Thomas and Driver Sam on a fun-filled, sing-along, mini-performance adventure by helping Thomas find his way from Knapford Station to Brendam Docks using teamwork, friendship, and discovery. Immensely rereadable, this story follows a sleepy-time train filled with animals heading to dreamland. I love learning about dinosaurs right along with her as it has been while since I studied about dinosaurs in school.
Presented in bold colors with simple lines, these charming illustrations will win over any toddler or preschooler, especially those fond of transportation books. The illustrations are delightful and so detailed that you notice something new with every re-reading.
As a digital title, the book is lightly enhanced with animation, but the interactivity is the real star of this show! The story is informative about the sights and sounds of this Indian city, including a rich tapestry of cultural references and beautiful music. Solidly made with ample setting for navigation and controlling sound, this app is easy enough for the youngest child to navigate. With over 30 pages of activities, this is one of those apps that will keep a bored kid busy (and learning) for nearly an hour.

The app itself is solidly made & features a unique kind of interactivity based on the print 'magic ink' books. Text can be hidden or shown (no highlighting) and readers are intricately involved in this interactive storyapp from the first page. Then the final float arrives with a giant, wiggling bowl of banana pudding for everyone to share.
From a dashing young rabbit to snacking dinosaurs, the various scenes will amuse young and old alike.
My favorite was always the Stegosaurus because he was a plant eater and had those cool spikes on his back. The story in the book follows the movie plot and has Thomas and his friends help Patchwork Hiro, a broken down train, rise back to his former glory as a 'master of the railway'.
The story in the book follows the movie plot and has Thomas needing to be rescued by his friends, who then successfully build the 'Search and Rescue Centre' out of Jobi wood. There are even interactive "?"  that the reader can tap to get more information about traditional Indian foods pictured within the story. In digital form, these titles are a lot of fun, with each page containing two images and text - simply swipe your finger over the grey-scale page to reveal a second colorful page that triggers additional text. Young readers will get to tilt the iPad to pour in milk, rip open a flour sack and dump cotton into a mixture that is designed to make "clouds".
My son loved the build up of anticipation for the 'best part' of the parade, and as a lover of dessert, he was delighted at the thought of a 'one-ton' bowl of pudding!
PBS Kids recently released Dinosaur Train A to Z is the ultimate dinosaur app from the hit PBS KIDS show Dinosaur Train. The story in the book follows the movie plot and has Percy feeling left out as Thomas befriends two new Diesel fire engines.
Otherwise the app is not especially enhanced, but has a great story, nice illustrations and quality narration to go along with the 'magic'. But the true meaning of friendship prevails when it turns out the new diesels are trying to take over the steamworks.

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