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Anyway, it all started when I gave him his new Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Roundhouse. So I sat him down on the sharing rug, as I always do when introducing a new toy into his playroom environ, and I said to him, “Kyle, this lovely new gift is a Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Roundhouse. Anyway, no sooner had I handed him the toy when he shouted “Chuck Norris Roundhouse to the face!” and BASHED me with it!
Part of the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway System, which is designed to grow with a child’s increasing ability and creativity. Woot may designate a user comment as a Quality Post, but that doesn't mean we agree with or guarantee anything said or linked to in that post. THOMAS TO YOU NEWSLatest Releases Characters and Buildings from the King of the Railway film and other new offerings can be found HERE See our Facebook Page for regular updatesOVERSEAS CUSTOMERSWe welcome interest from everywhere, however, if you wish us to send your items overseas, please contact us before you buy telling us what you want so we can tell you in advance if there is any additional shipping cost. BATTERY CHARGING STATION - Y4078Help Stafford be a really useful engine with our Brand New Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Battery Charging Station!

I was a little perturbed that it didn’t come with any actual trains, but luckily Kyle has more than enough already.
Maybe both.So you may have noticed YOUR son Kyle is in timeout and I have a substantial bruise on my cheek.
So now I have to go to UrgentCare while poor Kyle doesn’t even know why he can’t enjoy the simulated realistic roundhouse and train yard made with real wood. Turn the Crank on the side of the station and connect the end of the magnetic cord to Stafford's magnet. The Blue Mountain Quarry is full of mountains and boulders that fall down at any given time.
It has a rotating dual-beam light that triggers light and sound effects, including surf, train and alarm noises. Just push the lever to start the "fuse"—when it rises to the top, the barrel "explodes" to reveal a surprise message.

Just tilt the cargo drop to load TNT cargo into a cargo car and deliver it to the next destination. Children will love playing out stories of pumping, loading and delivering oil all over the Island of Sodor. Pull a train engine or cargo car (sold separately and subject to availability) up to the red nozzle and lower it to "fill up" as sound effects play.

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