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The third season of the television series first premiered on VHS in 1991 in the UK before airing on TV. A Scarf for Percy - Percy wants to wear a scarf, but changes his mind after an accident with a baggage trolley.
Percy's Promise - Percy makes a promise, to Thomas, that despite a terrible storm, he will get Annie, Clarabel, and the Sunday school home safely.
Time for Trouble - James takes over Gordon's work, but is humbled after having to push a stranded Toby to the Works.
Gordon and the Famous Visitor - Gordon is jealous of a vistor's high-speed record, and loses his dome trying to go as fast. Donald's Duck - Duck gets cross at Donald's teasing and plays a trick on him, which soon backfires.
Thomas Gets Bumped - Thomas is worried Bertie will take his passengers, after he is sent to the yard to wait until the track is mended. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon - Thomas gets even with Percy's ghostly prank with the help of a paper Chinese dragon.
Henry's Forest - Henry is upset when the forest is decimated in a storm, but the Fat Controller and Toby puts things right. The Trouble with Mud - Gordon is given goods work after refusing to get a wash down and spraying James with mud, but ends up helping James up the hill. No Joke for James - James tricks Thomas into giving him Gordon's express, but soon regrets his trick. Trust Thomas - Thomas promises to help mend Bertie's roads, but must help himself first after Gordon and James get him into bother. Mavis - Mavis, a new diesel, proves to be arrogant and troublesome, and refuses to listen to Toby's advice. Toby's Tightrope - Mavis redeems herself after Toby's trucks push him onto an unsafe bridge.

Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party - Edward and Trevor help the vicar with a garden party, while Bertie runs into bother in the mud.
All at Sea - Duck wishes to travel to the horizon, but after helping an injured workman he changes his mind.
Tender Engines - Henry boasts he deserves an extra tender for his hard work, but Duck brings him down to earth again.
Escape - Douglas rescues a Great Western engine named Oliver and a brakevan named Toad from the scrapyard.
Oliver Owns Up - Oliver becomes conceited from all the praise and attention from the other engines, but the trucks teach him a lesson. Heroes - Bill and Ben cause confusion at the harbour, but become heroes after saving workers during a rockslide at the quarry. The first season narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and George Carlin in the US, and the first narrated by the latter that had not been previously released with Ringo Starr's narrations. In the Ukrainian version, Michael Angelis and George Carlin's voices can be heard in the background, as a dubbing track wasn't used. At the very end of Michael Angelis' early narrations, the credits were shown with a still of the final shot of each episode.
This season as produced in association with Fuji Television Network, Inc., as indicated by a message at the end of each episode. According to The Thomas the Tank Engine Man, it cost ?1.3 million to produce all 26 episodes. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Percy is a green tank engine who was brought to Sodor to help the railway during the big engine's strike.

When Edward was upset by James, Gordon and Henry, Sir Topham Hatt decided to have another tank engine here and he went to a workshop that shows him all sorts of engines, and he found a smart little green engine with four wheels and he chose him and he called him Percy and Sit Topham introduced him to Edward and both he and Percy did a splendid job, but the very next day, Thomas returned from his branch line and he said to the two engines that his controller wants help and Thomas is being really useful for being quick and Sir Topham told Thomas something, he said that He punished the 3 big engines and he said they do not like to be like little tank engines and Gordon said that was Thomas' job, but nobody says that, it is a rule, shunting is for any engine, but Thomas was pleased with himself, he said: "Little tank engines indeed".
Percy's large scale was used for the spin-off series, Jack and the Pack, it was on display at Thomas Land at Japan. It first aired in the US in 1991 on Shining Time Station, with the last 10 episodes following in 1993. However, some of the music made with the Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer for the first and second season was used. The first thirteen episodes have George Carlin's voice while the last thirteen episodes have Michael Angelis' voice. While all the exterior scenes depict the shed with the usual six berths, there are nine tracks seen in most interior views.
However when the Season 3 episodes were aired in New Zealand, Michael Angelis' narration was used instead. When shown on TV and in future video and DVD releases, the credits were shown alongside a still of Thomas.
Angelis is also credited as narrator in the first 13 Season 3 episodes despite Carlin's narration in the background and the episode being redubbed.
All twenty-six episodes were narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK and by George Carlin in the US and New Zealand.

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