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April 20, 2012 By Nichol Leave a Comment Little Tikes is having a 4 hour sale today from 12pm-4pm. Hey, you can only buy 3 of these.Leave some for the rest of us!Update the quantity in your cart. We don't recommend you base your self-worth on how often we feature your comments, but we don't expressly forbid it either. Today only during this time frame, you can pick up the Thomas and Friends Table and Chair set for only $49.99 with FREE shipping with coupon code THOMAS.

And all his friends look happy and cheerful, but out there in the real world, trains are mean, Ricky.
In the real world, Duke the coal car’s only got one thing to say, and that’s “TOOT TOOT” and he’s only got one thing on his mind and that’s “get this coal to where this coal ought to be.” And it don’t matter if there’s some smiling boy in a baseball cap waving to him as he rapidly approaches. They don’t ride around, through covered bridges, over open bridges, and along tracks with operable signals like they do in your Tidmouth Sheds Deluxe Set. This table would be ideal for children for after-school snacks, crafts or their own table to sit at.

You don’t get to tell trains where to go in the real world like you do on your Island of Sodor Play Table. Unless you count “how it feels to have several tons of steel and momentum come down upon you” as a lesson.

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