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Today I took my son to the Epping Model Railway Exhibition Railway Exhibition, which has been running over the long weekend.
Ticket price for old was quite cheap entertainment, considering my son got in for free being under 5. The detail and effort being put in the dioramas is getting better and the techniques easier. For all North Carolinians out there: These politicians are against the NDAA and for Liberty!!!!

Sporting a merry hat and equipped with a snow plow, Thomas is ready to brave the winter weather to make sure the Christmas tree and important cargo arrive on time for the Island of Sodor holiday party. We tried for today as the crowds were smaller, for most of the weekend had been quite large in attendance.
The festive Thomas' Christmas Express will deliver Yuletide fun to children of all ages!
This means the whole track will be live and the train will only move if the control box contains the signature of the train.

The Epping Model Railway Club also had a setup for kids to use with Thomas the Tank Engine trains on it.
This makes the displays very life like as you can run two trains on the same line without interference.

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