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Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends was a 15 minute British kids TV show that aired for 275 episodes on ITV and later on PBS in the United States. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends had no problem drawing the best narrators in the industry to tell its stories and a few of them are very well known including Alec Baldwin, Pierce Brosnan, George Carlin and Ringo Starr!
Thomas the Jet Engine, retitled Thomas and the Jet Engine in American and Australian releases, is the twenty-second episode of the sixth season. Gordon is boasting about how fast he can go, when Thomas is given the job of delivering a jet engine to Dryaw. Thomas is very excited when he arrives at the Docks and is soon ready to leave, but Cranky is taking his time. This is the first time that Knapford Station's real name is mentioned in the television series. Inspiration for this episode could have come from the jet-powered rail-sleds used by the United States Air Force. This is the second episode to have a rendition of William Tell Overture, the first being Busy Going Backwards. In the episode, Thomas is smiling when he races past Lower Tidmouth, but in a promotional photo, he is shocked instead. Toad's scrap model from Escape can be seen in one of the shots of Thomas racing out of the Docks.

The events of this episode were mentioned by Thomas in the eighteenth season episode Emily Saves the World. When Thomas says "But being reliable and really useful is!" the track he is on simply ends behind him. When the Fat Controller tells Thomas to collect the jet engine and Percy asks what a jet engine is, there are fingerprints on the Fat Controller's hat and shoulder. The jet engine's switch is already on before Cranky hits it with his hook, so the engine would have been turned off.
When the jet engine starts some barrels and crates are beside it, but after Cranky says "Uh-oh," they have moved.
When Thomas rushes through Lower Tidmouth, the people are huddled close together, but in the next shot some have disappeared and the rest are spaced further apart. Just after Bertie says "Want a race, Thomas?" the lines where Thomas came from lead to the bushes; when Thomas runs alongside Gordon the tracks up ahead lead to the bushes.
The jet engine is hollow: in the close-up of it running out of fuel, you can see the red tank through the nozzle.
In the last close-up of Percy, his left buffer has excess on the bottom and a girl in pink looks like she is boarding Percy's train of vans. In the Russian narration, when the engines are at the station the second time, Michael Angelis' narration is heard in the background. Just before Thomas overtakes Gordon, in the wide shot of Thomas before the point of view shot, Gordon's brake coach is seen at the edge of the screen showing that the train isn't moving.

It was about the adventures of a group of living, speaking railroad engines and other vehicles who lived and worked on the fictional island of Sodor. You may be looking for the Step Into Reading book, the Egmont book, the German book, the promotional DVD, the Australian DVD or the US VCD.
Thomas tells him to hurry up and Cranky gets cross because he does not like to be told what to do by an engine.
Later, when he says "But he's still full of hot air!", the pipe appears to have been cut off, with only a small bit still attached.
They began when Christopher had measles as a child and the Reverend wanted to find a way to keep his son's mind off the misery so he told him stories about a train engines adventures. When Bertie sees Thomas, he asks Thomas to have a race, but when Thomas whooshes past him, he quickly changes his mind. Henry and James agree, Percy feels sorry for Gordon and tells the engines that he does not have to go as fast as a jet engine even though James says that Gordon is full of hot air.

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