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Sir Handel, named after the Skarloey Railway's first owner, Sir Handel Brown I, but previously Falcon, after the works where he was made.
When the Mid Sodor Railway closed in 1947, he and Stuart were sold to the aluminium works at Peel Godred for an expansion project. Sir Handel is sometimes pompous and arrogant and thinks that pulling trucks is beneath him, and will do anything to get out of jobs he does not want to do. Sir Handel didn't reappear until years later, apparently because he was working in the Blue Mountain Quarry.

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They were sheeted at the project's close for almost a year, then both were purchased for a total of 50 pounds by the Skarloey Railway and renamed Sir Handel and Peter Sam respectively. He can be rude and stubborn, and he has been known to insult Agnes, Ruth, Lucy, Jemima and Beatrice by calling them "cattle trucks" and Ada, Jane and Mabel by calling them "trucks".

Sir Handel was also very pompous and refused to do his job well, so he was sent to the sheds for a while to repent. After coming back out, he got into a fight with George the Steamroller, which ended in a race with George smashing Sir Handel's trucks.

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