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To celebrate Thomas The Tank Engine’s 70th Birthday, here are 70 facts about everyone’s favourite little engine. The Railway Series were published an unusual landscape shape, making them recognisable but prompting complaints from booksellers that they were hard to display.
Unusually for the period, The Railway Series was always printed in full colour, which may partly explain its success.
Reverend Awdry’s first experience of trains was as a young boy living in Box, Wiltshire, where he would lay in bed and listen to the engines on the nearby Great Western Railway.
Revered Awdry’s wife, Margaret, is largely credited for encouraging him to submit the three first stories to Edmund Ward for publication in 1943. Reverend Awdry retired from writing children’s fiction in 1972, having written 105 stories in a 26-volume series. Christopher Awdry continued writing the stories almost by accident after a visit to Nene Valley Railway where he heard a railwayman’s account of a locomotive running out of steam short of its destination. Christopher Audrey started introducing more modern machines such as the high-speed trains Pip (Philippa) and Emma and Harold the Helicopter into the books he authored to reflect changing times. Prior to being blue, Thomas was teal green with white lining with LBSC lettering on his tanks. Thomas has appeared in a charity single for BBC’s Children in Need and was seen in the 2003 Comic Relief. Christopher Awdry lost the original Thomas model when he was in the US, although it was recently recreated. The Fat Controller bought Thomas in 1915 for a nominal sum to be a pilot engine at Vicarstown. After rescuing James in Thomas & the Breakdown Train, Thomas became a Really Useful Engine and was put in charge of the Ffarquhar branch-line. Thomas is an honorary member of the National Collection following a visit to the National Railway Museum in York, joining such legendary locomotives as Mallard, City of Truro, and Rocket. Reverend Awdry met television producer, Britt Allcroft, at the Bluebell Railway in Sussex during the recording of a short documentary. The original Thomas theme tune was written by Mike O’Donnell and Junior Campbell, kicking off every show until 2002. While called ‘Thomas & Friends’ in the UK, the series was called ‘Shining Time Station’ in the US. The Fat Controller’s was actually called The Fat Director in the first two books, but this changed when the railway was nationalised. There have actually been three Fat Controllers, according to Reverend Awdry and his son Christopher, although this is not revealed in the books and they all look the similar.

The fictional island of Sodor is meant to be in the Irish Sea between the British mainland and The Isle of Man. Gordon is named after a rude boy that lived on the Reverend Awdry’s street when Christopher was a child. One of Donald and Douglas was going to be sent back to Scotland to be scrapped before the Fat Controller saw how well they performed in the snow. Mavis and Oliver were named after after Reverend Awdry’s neighbours in Rodborough, Stroud.
Skarloey Railway locomotives numbers 1 to 6 each have real-life equivalents, with the same numbers, on the Talyllyn Railway.
Harold the Helicopter is owned by Sodor Island’s coastguard and lives at Dryaw Airfield. City of Truro, a real steam engine that holds the record of being the first engine to attain the speed of 100 mph, featured in a number of the Thomas books. Annie could be considered as the oldest character in the Railway Series as long before the books were written, Revered Awdry made a coach (in 1927 while at school) that he would later use with the models of Thomas and other engines. James was originally black until the publishers asked Reverend Awdry to write a book specifically about him, in which he got his shiny red coat. Gordon is a cousin of the Flying Scotsman and Mallard, both of which appear in The Railway Series. According to Guinness World Records, the largest model railway engine ever built was the character James from Thomas the Tank Engine. A world record for the longest plastic toy train track was set in China when a toy version of Thomas the Tank Engine travelled 2.888 km of track. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
MEDIA RELEASEFamily favourite Thomas the Tank Engine celebrates his 70th birthday with a giant replica cake. A life-sized replica cake containing over 14,000 eggs and 300kg of flour has been unveiled to mark the 70th birthday of Thomas. The giant cake, which is three metres long, one and a half metres high, and weighs over one tonne, was created to celebrate the 70 years of friendship and fun that Thomas has brought to boys and girls in New Zealand and around the world.
With over 14,000 eggs, 300kg of flour, sugar and cocoa, and 400 kilos of chocolate in the mixture, the spectacular and delicious Thomas cake is delighting fans at Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station.
Created by Christopher Montebello, founder of bakery Let Them Eat Cake, the impressive replica tank engine is one of the many ways Thomas & Friends™ is marking this special birthday.
The gigantic cake was made in pieces at the Melbourne bakery, before being assembled at the train station ready to delight young fans, some of whom came along with birthday cards for their favourite friend Thomas.

John Louie, Mattel Vice President and Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, said Thomas continues to run on maximum steam as he celebrates this milestone year entertaining and engaging children. The incredible Thomas & Friends™ cake was unveiled by veteran Australian television personality Bert Newton, who transformed into The Fat Controller for the occasion.
Fleur Revell is one of the country’s most eminent PR consultants and public relations practitioners with more than 20 years industry experience behind her.
Fleur is also a three times Qantas Media Awards winner and Feature Writer of the Year; and has an exceptional working knowledge of the New Zealand media landscape and its accelerating evolution in the digital age. Impact PR is a dedicated PR and marketing agency with an enviable reputation for delivering impressive results. However, when Christopher wanted a model of Gordon, Reverend Awdry made the smaller Thomas for him instead. But Pierce Brosnan also narrated a straight-to-DVD film and Alec Baldwin also narrated two series in the US. The original Sir Topham Hatt was followed by son Charles Topham Hatt and then Stephen Topham Hatt. Four full-colour cardboard kits were produced so children could make models of the engines. Thomas The Tank Engine Birthday Cake Recipe - Skip to content Food Thomas The Tank Engine Birthday Cake RecipeThomas The Tank Engine Birthday Cake Thomas the Tank Engine is now 70 plus years old.
Thomas has made many friends and has been on countless adventures over the years and today’s event and the festivities happening here until March 10, are fitting for the magic Thomas has brought into so many millions of lives,” says Louie. We take your marketing objectives seriously - that is why only the most experienced senior of our consultants work directly on your business. But while children, especially boys, love Thomas and all the other engines who inhabit Awdry’s fictional world, some parents take exception to the apparently harmless books and TV series. Thomas (and others) frequently shirk their responsibilities [in order to] compete against each other or to show off.” Is Thomas really just harmless fun?
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