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Sometimes Thomas and Percy both think they are the most important engines on the branch line.
Percy wants to make things up with Thomas, but when he gets scratched by a branch Thomas is rude and Percy decides against it.
Christopher Awdry has stated he regretted including the offensive term "drip" in the book, it having largely fallen out of use. This book is unique in the fact that it was written specifically for television, due to a part of a deal signed between Britt Allcroft and the Awdrys saying that all stories that were televised had to be in print form first. Thomas, Percy and the Post Train is a Buzz Book based on the third season episode of the same name. The individual who uploaded this work and first used it in an article, and subsequent persons who place it into articles, assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law.

We know better, of course, and so does the Fat Controller, which is why he did not intervene when Thomas and Percy had a quarrel.
Next day, Percy is shunting when the door on a coal truck opens and coal dust covers Thomas. One day, Bertie teases Thomas that he could beat him in a race - something Thomas vehemently denies.
Later, Percy asks Toby what a drip is, having heard a boy call his friend one at the platform, but Thomas interrupts and tells Percy he's a drip. Although an inspector tries to stop Thomas at Dryaw, Thomas is going too fast and Harold takes the inspector to Toryreck.
Thomas soon gets his comeuppance when his side rod snaps and punctures his watertank on his way home.

Several days later Percy goes to get a drink but collides with a coalbunker, much to Thomas' delight. Thomas offers to help Bertie's passengers home, and the next day Bertie comes to Ffarquhar to thank Thomas.

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