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Sherman also noted that he felt taken advantage of by HIT Entertainment, which produces the show. It's unclear what this means for the future of the show or if the roles will be recast. HIT Entertainment, which also owns such properties as Bob the Builder and Barney the Dinosaur, was sold to Mattel in 2011 for $680 million.
Sir Topham Hatt takes you around the Island of Sodor to meet all of Thomas' friends and tells the reader about the adventures they have had. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is a most-loved British animated television series by children. The entire series of this unique cartoon series focuses railway tank engines that run on Fat Controller’s railway. As the title of the show suggest the entire series of Thomas the Tank engine follows a mischievous as well as fussy little tank engine called Thomas. Moreover, Edward, Henry, Percy and other tank engine are friendly with Thomas but some time even get jealous from Thomas hard workmanship and his love towards his job.
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Thomas has appeared in at least 25 books in the Railway Series and in almost every single episode of the Television Series developing a sort of a 'Thomas addiction' among fans. This animated show features a train yard where eight tank engine Thomas, Edward, Toby, Henry, Percy, Gordon, Emily and James of Fat Controller’s railway are sheltered.
He frequently gets into scrapes because of his eagerness to finish out his work with better efficiency and competence than more sensible & experienced engine.
Hence, we can say that Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is a soft-spoken cartoon series which seldom even turn into great clashes.
Join Thomas and Driver Sam on a fun-filled, sing-along, mini-performance adventure by helping Thomas find his way from Knapford Station to Brendam Docks using teamwork, friendship, and discovery. Technically he is not the first locomotive to arrive though because there were a fair number of engines from the Furness Railway and the Midland Railway also loaned there for the war effort. These eight engines are divided into different work route by Sir Topham Hatt according to their needs and enhancements for that particular route. However, during the entire series Thomas nature changes from time to time ranging from cheeky like nature of Percy to wise like nature of Edward. After the war ended in 1919, the Fat Controller bought Thomas for use with another engine from the Furness Railway, Edward.

Nevertheless he is always proud to run on his route line and very affectionate with his two coaches Annie and Clarabel. Thomas was used as a shunting engine at Vicarstown until after a near miss he was moved to Wellsworth during World War II.
On other hand he is also proud of number 1 digit that was printed on his body and takes for granted that he is No.1 engine of Fat Controller’s railway line. This was a good call, because he witnessed the new engine James being pushed down the line by a rampanging train of Troublesome Trucks only to end up crashed in a cow's field.
As his reward for rerailing him with the Breakdown Train (which happened to be in Wellsworth Yard at the time), Thomas was promoted to be the main operating engine on the Knapford branchline to Ffarquhar (formerly the Tidmouth, Knapford & Elsbridge Light Railway). He still runs the line today Percy, Toby, Daisy and Mavis (loaned from the Ffarquhar Quarry Company).

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