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On the Island of Sodor, high up in the mountains, there was a mysterious boulder, and it stood alone for a long time.
Going by production order, this is the twenty-sixth episode of the fifth season, and the season finale. In this episode, the quarry was brand new and closed in a short amount of time, meaning the events of Bye George! and Duncan Gets Spooked must have occurred during the events of this episode, as they also took place at the Boulder Quarry yards at the base of the mountain. The scene where Boulder chases after Rusty, is most definitely based off of the Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark. Rusty's small-scale model is used at the beginning and end of the episode, but his large-scale model is used throughout the rest.
Due to his model being changed, Rusty's face gets bigger and then smaller again throughout the episode.
In the close-ups of Rheneas, the hook attached to the camera he is pulling along is visible. In the close-up of Rheneas' driver, his right eye (viewer's left) appears to be overloaded of black marker.

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But one day, a new quarry is being built near the mines on the land below, and Rusty is afraid the giant boulder will fall onto the line. Furthermore, George is seen at Thumper's dig site, meaning that he served his week-long punishment and brought back to the quarry to help. He becomes shocked, shouts for help, and quickly reverses, but the boulder is catching up fast. He realises that Boulder is moving, but his driver does not believe him until Boulder falls down in front of them and begins to chase Rusty. They move Boulder to a hill close by the yards so it would never harm anyone or anything on the island anymore.
Boulder rolls along the line of the rails as Rusty quickly drives himself backwards to get away from Boulder. Rusty and his driver stop at a junction and wait for Boulder to pass by, but Boulder is nowhere to be seen.

He shouts that the boulder is running loose, as his driver quickly drives him back as fast as he can. Both Rheneas and the Boulder go through the viaduct, as Rheneas runs into some buffers with Boulder just missing him, but his driver sighs that it is rather a smash than a squash.
His driver thinks the rock has been loosened by the rain, but Rusty thinks it is Boulder telling them to go away. Percy makes his whistle squeak, closes his eyes, his crew jumps, and Boulder crashes into the sheds, causing a large explosion with flames.

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