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Rusty, Rheneas, and Skarloey are sent to the incline railway to help Duncan with an important job. Duncan wants everyone to work faster, but Rusty and Rheneas tell him that they're proper engines and that they follow the rules. Rusty arrives in time to see everything, and Duncan's weight is too much for the winch and a coupling breaks, making Duncan run down the hill into the swamp.
From this episode onward, Skarloey is lacking the gold stripe around the top of his funnel and his buffers are black. In the US narration, when Duncan screams "HELP!", it's the same recording of Diesel's voice used from The World's Strongest Engine.
The narrator says "Rusty, Rheneas and Skarloey chugged cheerfully through the Sodor countryside", but Rheneas and Skarloey look glum and Rusty is a diesel.
As Duncan was pulled up the incline, the narrator says his driver jumped clear, however, his cab was already empty. When Duncan and the trucks are pulled up the incline, they are coupled up, but they fall off the cliff one by one. When played in slow-motion, Duncan's wheel chassis comes loose from the near upper-body work as he falls off the cliff. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. It is the day of the Mountain Village Country Fair and all of the narrow gauge engines are busy with their various deliveries. Duncan soon speeds up and the bell rings louder and louder; he likes the bell ringing even more than his wheels clattering.
However, it turns out that he had not quite lost the bell as Duncan hears a ringing - it is the clock tower's bell. When the bell lands on Duncan's flatbed, he jumps from the impact long after it has landed. Duncan is a narrow gauge tank engine who came to the Skarloey Railway as a spare engine after Peter Sam's accident with the slate trucks. Duncan was built by Andrew Barclay at Kilmarnock, Scotland and worked in a factory in Scotland, which Peter Sam claims is the source of his strong language and volatile temper.
In 1958, Duncan was bought secondhand to Sodor as a spare engine, as the workload was too much for Sir Handel and Peter Sam to manage unassisted. He was still selfish and prone to temper tantrums and actually stalled on Rheneas Viaduct on the claims that he was overworked and not polished enough.
He currently works on the Skarloey Railway, with Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty and Luke. In the Railway Series, Duncan is painted in the Skarloey Railway's red livery with blue-and-yellow lining. Duncan also appeared in the magazine stories, Cable Car Cheer!, Hello, Skarloey!, Musical Duncan, Rock 'n' Roll Rescue, Rocking About, Roll and Rock, Smoke Signals, The Cliff Railway, and The Mountain Railway. Duncan's large scale model is currently on display at the Hara Model Railway Museum in Japan. Throughout the fourth and fifth seasons, Duncan's model lacked a whistle, yet he was still heard whistling on many occasions.

Duncan is the only narrow gauge engine whose whistle sound has not changed since the fourth season.
Duncan is so far the only Skarloey Railway engine, in the CGI Series, to not be shown working at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
When Peter Sam's trucks break away and fall into a ravine, Duncan chortles that Peter Sam's trucks will return to haunt him, so Rusty tells him of an engine who tried to cross the same ravine and fell into the swamp below. This is the first episode to use the new large scale models of the Skarloey Railway engines. In the US version, the lines "Once there, whistled good bye" and "he puffed away" are ommitted. When the trucks break away from Peter Sam, a "boing" sound is heard in the UK, while an actual "snap" is heard in the US version.
When the trucks fall into the ravine, music is heard in the US version but not in the UK version. In the UK narration, the narrator says that Rusty whistled good bye, but Rusty is a Diesel and does not have a whistle.
Peter Sam's trucks come off the bridge coupled, but when they fall into the ravine they fall one by one, uncoupled. Seven trucks are allowed up the incline in this episode, but in Trucks!, only five were allowed. Sir Topham Hatt blames Peter Sam for the trucks breaking away even though the driver admits that it was his and the fireman's fault. Rusty hopes that Duncan would stay out of trouble, but Duncan is impatient and behaves rudely towards the others.
Duncan still tells them to work faster, so he shows the others how fast a useful engine can work by biffing one slate truck after another. Duncan is pulled out and The Fat Controller scolds him for not being a responsible engine, and that his impatience has caused confusion and delay.
The individual who uploaded this work and first used it in an article, and subsequent persons who place it into articles, assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law. Duncan is on his way to the Transfer Yards to collect the clock tower's bell that is to be polished when he comes across a bumpy stretch of track. The bell chimes sweetly as it is lowered on his flatbed and Duncan quite admires the bell's chiming.
However, Duncan ignores warnings from Rusty, Skarloey, Mighty Mac, and Sir Handel to slow down and take care as they pass by. He came soon after Peter Sam's accident with the slate trucks and was re-gauged to 2ft 3in. Skarloey, fed up with his careless attitude, finally taught him sense with the story of Rheneas' single handed running of the railway and how passengers are far more important than a polish. The Talyllyn Railway now has events called Duncan Day when the engines are dressed as their counterparts.
His driver and fireman spooked him one evening when fireflies formed the shape of an engine. He initially arrived to the Skarloey Railway as a spare engine after Peter Sam had a nasty accident with some trucks that broke free from the incline.
This engine is currently selected to be dressed up as Duncan on special events associated with the "Thomas the Tank Engine" franchise.

In the television series he is painted golden yellow with black lining and gold boiler bands. Duncan is dismissive, but his crew plan to teach Duncan a lesson and take him across the bridge.
However, in the fourth season, larger than normal models of the narrow gauge engines were used in close-ups. Duncan apologizes to the engines and The Fat Controller makes him work at the mines as punishment until he learns to be patient and careful. This is Duncan's favourite part of the railway as the bumpy track make his wheels clatter and rattle. The foreman warns Duncan that the bell is very heavy and, as the track to the polishers is long over due for repairs, he must go slowly and carefully. Despite his rough exterior, he heroically helped Luke up a hill around Christmas time, showing his kinder side. He was prone to boisterous bouncing about, which became known as "rock 'n' roll", whenever the mood took him, which once led to derailing in the mouth of the tunnel (probably caused from keystones knocked down by his funnel) and later again on a stretch of line towards Cros-ny-Cuirn. After seeing the ghost heading towards him, (though it is just an engine formed by fireflies) Duncan is spooked and runs back to the safety of the shed. The engines see that Duncan will not listen, so they chuff away from the incline with their trucks of slate. Rheneas, going in the other direction, whistles to Duncan, telling him that he is going to be late.
Duncan carries on with the bell on his flatbed and goes slowly and carefully to the polishers and all the way back to the Transfer Yards. However, following derailments in the tunnel and on a stretch of track south of Cros-ny-Cuirn, he began to see sense and made up his feud with Rusty, whom he had detested for being a Diesel. He often grumbles and complains, usually about not being polished or being over-worked, and can be rude, rough, and bad tempered. Duncan pushes the trucks around and, while shunting some empties at the incline, gets his coupling tangled with a truck. Later, when the clock tower's bell chimes for the opening of the Country Fair, Duncan is very happy indeed. He claims to be a plain-speaking engine who believes in plain speaking, an approach which can cause him to make callous or belligerent remarks.
He can be careless and make rash decisions which usually leads to his own downfall, but is not always quick to apologise or realise the error of his ways. However, upon Skarloey recalling Rheneas' gallant act to get his passengers home, Duncan admitted he had the wrong attitude and tried hard to be a more useful, respectable engine in future. In spite of his ways, Duncan can be a little misunderstood as he is focused, confident, resourceful and has a big heart.

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