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Thomas discovers mysteries of the past and may even find a treasure when a stranger comes to the Island of Sodor. The word "a" is missing from the earl's following quote: "You are very important engine with a special job to do". The Earl says that he promised to be at the estate by two, but the clock in the illustration shows it's 2:58.

Connor and Caitlin's coaches are just normal express coaches rather than their own rake of coaches with their colour schemes.
The CGI Series refers to the television series as it was produced from the twelfth season .Today, I went to play to friends and your outside of Thomas the Tank Engine. You may be looking for the movie, the Sticker activity book, the movie storybook or the UK book.

The location I was shot in Lake .Demonstration of Thomas The Tank Engine Friends Trackmaster Connor from the new Thomas DVD Film King Of The Railway due to be released in September 2013 .

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