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General MSTS related discussion that doesn't really fit into any of the other specific forums. Please advise them to be careful, one Trainz site has already received a letter demanding the Thomas stuff is all removed. NeutronIC wrote:Please advise them to be careful, one Trainz site has already received a letter demanding the Thomas stuff is all removed. Copyright does appreciate the hard work put into things, by stopping someone else copying it and passing it off as there own work!The people who own the rights to TTTE (I shall not name them) are very strict on the use if the TTTE image. Jill Youngken, assistant director of the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum, welcomes Thomas the Tank Engine for a railroad exhibit at the Allentown, Pa., museum.

As somebody who has to deal with them (running TTTE events) they are very strict, even to tell our staff that we cannot eat or drink in public. Chammings, 73, a resident of Stillwater for the past 57 years, and longtime teacher at Stillwater Township School, died at Morristown Medical Center on Wednesday. Wholesalers occasionally put restrictions on the number of pre-orders for extremely popular items, in which case we would be unable to deliver the items to every customer. Therefore I can sell only what in stock to you.See Thomas the Tank Engine Basic Set (Renewal) (Model Train) also. I do appreciate the hard work of creating TTTE, they have produced many good characters themselves.Copyright is here to protect peoples hard work.

Don't appreciate hard effort put into these things.Copyright is the law and whilst children at school can not be expected to understand the logic and reasons behind the law - they should have the decency to abide by it.
Hoch Foundation, the Holt Family Foundation, the Julius & Katheryn Hommer Foundation, the Keystone Nazareth Charitable Foundation, the Rider-Pool Foundation, the Sylvia Perkin Perpetual Charitable Trust and Wells Fargo.The Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum is a teaching institution that attracts a diverse audience. Its collections of historical Americana include over 30,000 three-dimensional objects, 3 million documents and more than 70,000 vintage photographs.

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