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Michael Angelis (born in Merseyside, Liverpool on January 18th, 1952) is an English actor and voice actor who was the longest running Thomas and Friends narrator.
He has an older brother, Paul Angelis, and was married to Helen Worth from 1991 until 2001. He was originally hired to voice James and Percy in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, but was later replaced by Susan Roman and Linda Ballantyne respectively because the test audience thought that he made the characters sound old. Michael has also starred in various television commercials, including Stones Bitter, the Post Office, McDonald's, and Think Road Safety Campaigns. Angelis also narrated John Peel's autobiography, "Margrave of the Marshes", on BBC Radio 4 in 2005, later released by AudioGO. In September 2011, he participated in the BBC Radio 4 programme "The Reunion" talking with other cast members about his roles in the landmark 1980's drama series "Boys from the Blackstuff".
Some episodes from foreign dubs of the television series have credited Michael Angelis as the narrator even though they were redubbed. Which one of these Total Drama Pahkitew Island Characters will suits Devious Diesel from Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends? Which one of These Total Drama Revenge Of The Island Contestants will suits Lady The Lost Engine from Thomas and The Magic Railroad? Alec Baldwin has short pauses between each of the engines' lines on not liking Harvey as well as between "He saw Harvey parked near the sheds" and "Harvey could hear the other engines talking about him", and between "That night, Harvey heard the engines talking again" and "This time, it was different" along with between Gordon and James' lines on congratulating Harvey along with between Percy's line on conhratulating Harvey and Thomas saying that different can be good and "All the engines agreed", and between "'Welcome to the Sodor railway!' they called" and "Harvey smiled happily", while Michael Angelis doesn't.
The lines "But it was too late", "In no time, Percy was back on the tracks" and "That was the best demonstration of all" is sooner in the UK than the US. When Thomas puffs away after talking to Harvey at Tidmouth Sheds, his steam platform is visible and the smoke maker can be seen on the tracks.
Bertie has Bulgy's horn sound the first time he toots, and Caroline's horn sound the second time. In the close-ups of Bertie looking cross, the lady in pink next to him has black adhesive on her shoes; in the close-up of Bertie looking concerned, the man beside him has black adhesive on his shoes. When Harvey puffs past the signal before the bridge, there appear to be two blocks of wood in the background.
When Harvey sets Percy on the rails, Percy's piston is broken, but in the next scene, it is not. Harvey's eyes are wonky when he explains to the Fat Controller that the engines don't like him.
In the American narration, the term "trucks" is used when the narrator mentions Percy having trouble with the trucks. Trucks!, retitled Rusty Helps Peter Sam in American releases, is the eighth episode of the fourth season. The trucks dislike Sir Handel and repeatedly play tricks on him, making him dislike working with them. This episode is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, The Little Old Engine.
In the original UK VHS release, the impact of the trucks hitting Peter Sam is much louder than the rereleased version of the episode. In the US version, much of the music and whistle sounds are missing and Peter Sam's whistle is much higher pitched than usual after the crash. In the UK version, the narrator says, "Empty trucks at the bottom of the slope are hitched to a steel rope", but the rope isn't steel. When the rope is connected to the empty trucks it becomes taut like it is being pulled, but in the next scene the trucks at the top of the slope are stationary. Sir Handel and Peter Sam are painted different colours, so mistaking one for the other is questionable.

When Sir Handel says "I didn't think" and he rolls his eyes his left eye sticks and drops back into his head. Before Peter Sam leaves the yard with his coaches and trucks, a small hair can be seen by his wheels. Thomas finds out that Bertie has lost his trust in the railway's service after it failed to deliver tar to mend the roads and resolves to get to the source of the problem.
Although James says that he has to do Percy's work while Percy's at the harbour, Percy can be seen in the background in one of the shots at the yard.
While Thomas is puffing to the quarry, his trucks have faces; when he's crossing the bridge, they do not. While Thomas passes the camera with the trucks on the way to the quarry, the last truck's face is falling off.
In one of the shots of Thomas passing the camera with the empty trucks, one of the truck's faces is off-center.
During Thomas, Gordon, and James' conversation, Edward and Duck's whistle sounds are heard several times in the background, yet neither are seen.
Due to the heat, the ice protecting the fish has begun to melt, so Thomas tells Arthur to take the fish and leave him. Later, Arthur finds Thomas, who reveals that he hates running the fishing line and proposes that they trade.
The line "He's fallen in the water!" is a quote often used in the radio comedy "The Goon Show". When Thomas hurries along with the fish, he has Gordon's crash theme from the sixth season, it then quickly changes to the accident theme.
The audience wouldn't know who Murdoch and Spencer are, since they weren't introduced until Peace and Quiet and Gordon and Spencer respectively. Michael Brandon mistakenly uses the term "troublesome trucks" when Thomas falls off the pier.
At the beginning and end of the episode, Arthur has Murdoch's whistle sound; when Arthur sees Thomas in the tidal pool, he has Spencer's whistle sound. At the beginning of the episode, Henry is next to Arthur in the sheds, but in the close-up of Arthur, Gordon's tender is next to him. When Thomas arrives at the fishing village, there are dirty vans at both ends of his train, but when he goes over the bridge, both vans are at the front of the train. The narrator states that Arthur was disappointed when he was told to go to the coal mine, but he looks happy.
When the vans say "He's fallen in the water!" two vans disappear and the one looking at the camera gains a face. When Thomas falls off the pier, you can tell the film was cut as the background moves slightly.
When Arthur passes through the Fishing Village for the first time, a camera shadow is seen. In real life, Thomas would have received more damage when he landed in the rocky tidal pool. The narration is out of sync until the scene of Thomas at the fishing village on the Nick Jr airings.
Gordon is impressed when he sees a visitor with two tenders, but becomes depressed when Diesel gloats the Diesels' victory over steam on the mainland. This episode is based on the story "Tenders for Henry" from The Railway Series book, Enterprising Engines. One of Henry's tenders has LMS written on the side, a possible reference to his model, the LMS Black 5 Class.

Flying Scotsman was originally intended to have a larger role in this episode, but due to budgetary constraints the entire locomotive model could not be constructed.
When James first arrives at the coal chute to speak to Gordon, his pony truck is off the rails. Flying Scotsman's second tender is a standard LNER corridor tender when it should be an auxiliery water tender. In 2006 he starred in the film, "Fated", set in his hometown of Liverpool, as well as in episodes of "Midsomer Murders" and "The Bill" in 2007. But before the Fat Controller keeps him, he wants to see Harvey demonstrate his worth to the Railway Board. In that version, the brake van rolls across the road towards the camera rather than stopping at the bottom of the hill while the trucks pile up on the hillside. Meanwhile, James is complaining about having to shunt when Gordon advises him to pretend to be sick. Arthur is upset when Thomas gets the job of running the fishing route and Thomas is not pleased either.
He finally leaves, but during his trip, a set of faulty points switches him onto an old pier line and he crashes into the water. When the Fat Controller is looking for a replacement for Thomas, Arthur volunteers and the Fat Controller alows him to run the line.
He perks up when he is told that he will never be scrapped on Sodor and that the visitor had two tenders due to the lack of coal and water on the mainland, but Henry is cross and grumbles he deserves two tenders for his work. Some of the other tenders have "NE" on the sides, indicating that they are North Eastern Railway tenders. Coincidentally enough Paul provided the voice of Ringo Starr in The Beatles animated film "Yellow Submarine".
Sir Handel takes the hint and, when he pulls a "sickie" the next day, Peter Sam is allocated his trucks.
Harvey is upset by this, but Thomas and the Fat Controller reassure him that the engines just need to take time to adjust to him. He takes them to the slate mines and waits for his full ones, but the trucks mistake him for Sir Handel and brake their coupling, smashing into him and cracking his funnel and denting his boiler.
Henry is delighted, but is less than thrilled when he finds they are all filled with boiler sludge.
The next day, Percy's trucks get out of control and derail at Bulgy's Bridge, blocking the road. On the way back from the quarry they push Thomas over some points and onto a jetty, which floats across the pond.
Bertie is taking the Railway Board to the demonstration, but can't get past the derailed trucks. Sir Topham Hatt calls for Harvey who soon arrives to help, coincidentally creating a demonstration for the Railway Board.
When Thomas tells Edward about the tar, he recalls several wagons were left at Wellsworth, and collects them. James and Gordon apologise for their trick, and Bertie arrives to tell Thomas that his road is about to be mended. Harvey is delighted, and even more so that that all the others engines agree he is really useful, and soon he is friends with all of them.

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