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You have reached the 2010 version on Day Out With Thomas.  For the 2011 article, please visit Thomas the Train 2011. The event looks like it will be set up like a mini-county fair with corn dog stands and other treats to enjoy. There may be some discount ticket information on our Facebook page which was provided by one of our friends.  We have not used this discount, but it is worth noting the information is there if you would like to give it try. You wait in line for a long time to take a picture of your child with Thomas and right before it was our turn the train left for one of the 25 minute rides.

For all the people that were there wanting to spend money you would think they would have some ATM machines available. The model trains were cool but they were in a really small tent with about a 3′ walk area around the table between the table and the wall of the tent. About this siteThis site is brought to you by Grapevine residents who love Grapevine and want to provide the best information about the city and local events that you can find anywhere. We shop, eat, and live here and can provide the most up to date information that you can find.

They just back the train up a few miles then stop and pull back forward to the same place you left. The scenery is just parking lots, the back of buildings, a factory, some garbage in some woods, and the highway.

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