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For complete reader ratings and reviews, visit Theme Park Insider's Six Flags Magic Mountain review page. Not pictured: Awesome chocolate-orange side-by-side milkshake, which Cameron claims he invented with his banana-chocolate request.
So the day before our SFGAm hostile takeover, Cameron graciously invited me over to his place of work (AND play) over at the Raw Thrills factory. Their newest godly invention is H2Overdrive, complete with amazing gameplay, great little details like LED lights corresponding to the game and a crystal-clear LCD hi-def screen. Here, Cameron is shown about one millisecond away from destroying my boat with a MegaHull Crusher impulse. After this we headed out for some GREAT deep-dish in a very out-of-the-way pizzeria, Pequod's, in Skokie. OK, let me say this now: I consider Cedar Point to be my home park, at about 3 hours away compared to SFGAm's 6. Placeholder to remind me that our first ride was Ragin' Cajun, a standard spinning Wild Mouse. But the Batmobile, the most subtle automobile in fictional American history, was there to make me happy again.
V2 was pretty much the same as Wicked Twister, except the back spike was a completely straight drop, and in the back it kicked A$$!
I think they meant to install Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain here, but they got halfway through the acronym and forgot it. After 3 out of 4 of us got our wangs laundered, we rode what was personally my favourite coaster, Raging Bull.
And I leave you tonight, since I just got home from Chicago and haven't even unpacked yet, with my new wallpaper shot. I could not agree more, we just went to Kings Island 2 weeks ago to ride Diamondback, and I thought it was a great ride. Viper was really fun, though Cameron and Nathan assure me it was the worst ride on it they've ever had!

Theme park revelation #64: Wooden coasters are actually allowed to have airtime and not kill you. This would only be my second Schwarzkopf coaster credit, but it's so awesome in a weird vintage sort of way. If everyone could either use their imagination or Photoshop a train in, it'll make this report go by a lot faster.
Cameron fired at us from two different positions on the midway; I had no idea he'd moved to the second spot until I got shot right in the face! There is no experience quite like four adults, each with the maturity of a 12-year-old, riding single-file on a log flume.
Since I was still a little loopy from Triple Play, I went to buy some Dippin' Dots halfway across the park (not my fault!) and came back to take some pics of Cam and Nathan on Fiddler's Fling. Considering I have a horrible trigger finger under motionless circumstances, these turned out quite decently. Superman was my first flyer, and I found it to be pretty good, but not an immediate re-ride.
Can I patent a Mario Kart attraction where you get to throw fake banana peels and giant tortoise shells strapped to rollerboards at other drivers?
Only the most gifted horticulturalists can train flowers to grow into patterns by verbal command.
I really want to finish this before I get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning and my captions would become even more rambling and incoherent thanks to the happy-sleep drugs.
Funny, soon as I posted the Fiddler's Fling pics, I heard Fiddler on the Roof playing in my parents' room. These pages are in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Cedar Fair, Legoland, Merlin Entertainment, Blackstone, Tussaud's Group, Six Flags, Universal Theme Parks, the Walt Disney Company or any other theme park company.
For one thing, Jojo gave me a free ticket she had apparently laying around, and Cameron paid for my Flash Pass, which I just realized I meant to pay him back for but I forgot until just now.
The cleanliness, friendliness and overall operations of this park blew CP out of the water and clear out into space.

Well, just Jo and I rode 'cause Cameron was picking up our Flash Pass and Nathan wasn't there yet, but that ensured we got to be thrown to both sides of the seat on every turn!
Cameron opted out of Spacely's Pocket Rockets, instead opting to talk to the photo guy who offered the mate some tucker.
Mild fear of heights is a bit conflicting as a coaster enthusiast, but drop towers still get me every time. The chicken fingers were kinda cold, but the mac 'n cheese and mashed taters 'n gravy (no buffet) were pretty good! It's time for the best water attraction this side of Davy Jones' fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo!
You get to shoot at other people in line, on the midway, targets, other boats, and they all shoot back! Unfortunately since we used the Flash Pass we didn't get to choose what I am told is GREAT ejector air in the back seat.
Logger's Run even aside from the hilarity was pretty good; I loved how it intertwined completely with Yankee Clipper. The pretzel loop might be one of the most intense sections of a coaster I've ever experienced, but the rest of it was quite relaxing and fun. It's really an amazing game and I could spend my entire life savings in quarters playing it. I have some interesting faces in the fiddlers photos, mostly because I was scared Cameron would decide to let go and squish me! Highlights included a grown man using Heeleez and a guy with a curly white villain mustache which can only be described as entrancing.

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