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If you're planning to visit Japan this summer, you might want to check out the Oigawa Railway in Shizuoka Prefecture, as the railway line has dressed up one of its steam engines as Thomas the Tank Engine, and will be offering rides on the train as a special attraction.
Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine is crossover between Thomas the Tank Engine and Unstoppable.
Frank Barnes and Percy attempt to stop an unstoppable Thomas the Tank Engine from crashing. Narrator: It was a lovely day on the Island of Sodor, the air was crisp, (scene goes to Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt) and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
Thomas: If you hadn’t stopped me, I would have crushed the little town of Strawberry Shortcake! Thomas became unstoppable simply by having Sir Topham Hatt (and later Frank) slap him, which starts him rolling.

In the background of Frank Barnes and Sir Topham Hatt, there were screens full of Thomas, Harold, the Island of Sodor, purple and black screens, and one of them was Alfred E. Also in the background of Frank and Sir Topham Hatt, there were people who were shadows and black and mysterious. Percy's relevant absent-mindedness is a reference to the dumbing-down his character has had in the more recent seasons of Thomas and Friends. Percy has six stripes instead of four, blue window frames and is MORE absent minded than in the actual show. The background music was more childish than real life Thomas & Friends background music. In the shot of Percy and Frank before both met Thomas, Percy's wheels and siderods were going forward even though he was going backward.

Percy was coupled up to Thomas when both brake up, but when Thomas squashes the little town of Strawberry Shortcake, Percy wasn't coupled to Thomas.
His shape, however, perfectly matches the dimensions of his original basis, an LBSCR E2 tank engine.

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