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Either way, birthday or Christmas, you want to find a very special toy for him, am I right? 1 year old boys are just learning how to walk and talk and they are very active and busy fellows! The best toys for 1 year old boys need to keep them busy not only with their bodies, but also their minds! Educational toys are always a great idea, and also musical toys, light up toys and riding toys too, of course!
They love being able to ‘drive’ their very own train and will be pleasantly surprised when they realize they don’t need to pedal or use their feet to make the train move!
1 year old boys are very active little fellows and they are eager to use those little legs, feet and hands! The best gift ideas for a 1 year old child are the ones that will make them use their body! On this fun toys filled page you will find all of them, handpicked based on how happy parents are with them for their sons and on their quality!
These ‘Smart Trikes’ are great because mom or dad can push them, just like a stroller! This is the perfect first trike for a 1 year old boy because it’s not only super strong and durable, it actually will fit him until he is about 4 or 5 years old!

Small children absolutely love rocking horses and animals of all kinds, so you can’t go wrong by getting your one year old boy a fun rocking horse toy! This fun pushing wagon is perfect for little ones between the ages of 9 months to about 3 years old! It will not only help them with their walking skills, but will also help them focus and keep their balance!
It also fits lots of toys and stuffed animals inside, so your child can have fun carrying their toys from one place to another!
This cute electric car for toddlers makes he perfect 1st birthday or Christmas gift idea for boys!
Parents say their children love this cute pedal car and they have a blast being pushed around by their big brothers or sisters! They will learn animal names from A to Z and go through zigzag paths and fun routes while also spinning stuff and figuring things out! Looking for a fun and sturdy educational wooden toy idea for your 1 year old boy this Christmas?
As the fun and bright colored balls go down the ramp, they touch the goblin dolls’ hands and bells! When your 1 year old discovers how to work this toy for the first time his reaction will be priceless!

This is a very smart happy ‘teaching chair’ that activates songs and phrases when a toddler sits and stand! This fun toy has so many fun activities that your little explorer will keep very, very busy! Now comes the best news for the parents and grandparents buying this fabulous toy for their 1 year old child: it is very affordable too!
Guide Thomas the Tank Engine around the grooved track with the Thomas and Friends 5-in-1 Up and Around Train Set! Sign up for Email Updates and receive fun updates on exclusive promotions and special offers!
This wooden play set can be arranged to form five different configurations: figure 8, bean, oblong, cloud, and curved. The set includes seventeen track pieces, a bridge piece, a tunnel, and a rolling Thomas engine that magnetically connects to other cars from the series.

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