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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a film based on the well-known television series and its American spinoff. Thomas is later talking to James at Tidmouth Sheds when Diesel 10 shows up and voices his plan to destroy a lost engine and thus the remaining steam engines. After seeing Billy Twofeathers' map and noticing some strange lines on it, Patch heads off to Muffle Mountain to see Burnett Stone.
There is something on Muffle Mountain, a secret that Burnett only shared with his childhood friend and future wife Tasha: he promised he would drive an engine and take her with him. Burnett looks at a painting of Lady and starts to have doubts in his belief of magic due to his failure to guard her. That night, Diesel 10 creeps up and demolishes the side of the Tidmouth Sheds with his powerful claw.
The next morning, Mutt goes to Lily's hometown with Billy, as he knows that Lily can help Mr. Thomas finds Henry with a bad cold and offers to get some special Island of Sodor coal to make him better, but while collecting them, fails to notice the sixth truck rolling away into some magic buffers. Thomas tells Percy about the missing truck, and they realize that the buffers where the truck disappeared are the buffers leading to the Magic Railroad. Burnett reveals to Patch that Lady is magic and they realise that the railroad is vanishing. Thomas and Percy decide they must get Lily back to Muffle Mountain before Diesel 10 destroys the magic railroad, and Thomas and Lily set off.
Diesel 10, with Junior still on his back, races into the Smelters where he encounters James. By now Burnett Stone has finally got Lady to steam, and along with Lily, Patch and Mutt, they set off into the magic railroad. Diesel 10 starts to give chase, but Splatter and Dodge, fed up with Diesel 10's ways, abandon him. Thomas, Lady and Burnett return, where they and the rest of the team work out on the answer to the riddle. With Lady and the Magic Railroad back to life, Shining Time is restored to its former glory. The movie was filmed at the Strasburg Rail Road in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, as well as in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and on the Isle of Man. One theatrical trailer depicted Diesel 10 with a thick gravelly upper class British accent. James and Percy were originally intended to be voiced by the British narrator, Michael Angelis. The film currently has a score of 19% on Rotten Tomatoes with the consensus: "Kids these days demand cutting edge special effects or at least a clever plot with cute characters [sic]. In the original script, Cranky was to have a much larger role and George was to appear as one of Diesel 10's helpers. The US teaser poster had John Barry credited as composer, although he never contributed to the project.
Currently, this is the only Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends film to feature live actors.
Only one scene from the original cut was commercially released; a deleted scene featuring Junior called "Sundae Surprise". In the original script, Diesel 10 was a new engine sent to help while Sir Topham Hatt was away. According to multiple SiF interviews, many models were damaged or lost in transit after being shipped from Toronto back to Shepperton. In the trailers, Mr Conductor is heard saying "I've run out of gold dust and because of that I'm losing my energy as well". Near the beginning of the movie, when several of the engines are greeting each other, James says, "Hello, Thomas", but Thomas is not present. After Diesel 10 races past Gordon and Thomas, a pencil can be seen in the bushes on the right of the screen.
For most of the movie, Clarabel is facing the wrong way and during the "Really Useful Engine" song, she is in front of Annie. At the end of the film, the credits show Bertie and Harold under the voice cast for the trains.
All of the Sodor locomotives seem to be able to run under their own power, yet Lady cannot.
When, Thomas, James, and Diesel 10 are at Tidmouth Sheds, a truck in a shed continuously disappears and reappears. When Diesel 10 is getting covered in coal, Henry is seen puffing backwards next to Gordon, however, in the next scene, Henry is near Splatter and Dodge. Although human actors are used throughout the film, Bertie is shown with a model driver in his cab. Thomas says he is shunting trucks of special coal for Henry, but Henry doesn't need special coal anymore. When Thomas leaves with the trucks of 'special coal', nobody couples them up to each other or him. On the UK and the US DVDs, the subtitle lyrics for Really Useful Engine include the word "workshop" instead of "branch line". Diesel 10: No you're not! (Diesel 10 exclaims as he sees Mr Conductor holding up the sugar) What, is that it? Diesel 10: (exclaiming) Make the most of tonight Twinkletoes, because you won't like tomorrow! Percy: But Mr Conductor, without your sparkle or the lost engine, you can't travel, you can't help us anymore. Thomas and Friends, previously known as Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, is the name of the television series based on The Railway Series by the Reverend W.

In April 2008, it was announced that filming of the series would transfer to Nitrogen Studios in Canada and be CGI animated.
The first known attempt to make a television adaption of The Railway Series was by BBC in 1953.
Allcroft rounded up a production crew, which included model director David Mitton, narrator Ringo Starr, and composers Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell. The film gained the title "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" and after many changes from the original script, premiered in July of 2000. One of the most revolutionary steps in the show's history was in 2008 when it was announced that Thomas and Friends would be produced using computer generated imagery (CGI).
A second theatrical Thomas film is also slated for release, but it is currently unknown whether or not it is going ahead. Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell composed the show's original main title theme, songs and incidental music from 1984 to 2003. Three real engines have been featured in the show - Stepney has made a number of appearances, and City of Truro and Flying Scotsman played minor roles in two third season episodes. Beginning with the twelfth season, production moved from Britain to Canada, and in a revolutionary step, CGI animation (provided by Nitrogen Studios) is now being used to allow the faces on the characters to move with their speech, and have their eyes blink as well. In the third season episode, Escape, the Fat Controller clearly states that steam engines are rare, but from the sixth season and onwards more and more steam engines have appeared in the television series.
Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Annie and Clarabel, Henrietta, Bertie, and Sir Topham Hatt are the only characters who have appeared in every season of the series.
When Patch sees the engine, Burnett reveals the engine's past - her name is Lady, and she has been sealed inside Muffle Mountain since Diesel 10 nearly destroyed her long ago. Conductor has a nightmare of Shining Time in ruins and realises that his universe is in danger and that he needs more gold dust.
Conductor tries a carrot and a stick of celery to make him think properly and has the idea of his beach-loving cousin Junior, who has used up most of his gold dust too.
Lily figures out only special Island of Sodor coal can make Lady steam, so she sends Patch to collect the coal from the truck. Junior tries to whistle both of them out, only to discover that he too, is out of gold dust.
The magic railroad, receiving energy from Lady, comes back to life, while Lady's face appears. Lily mixes water from the well with golden shavings from the magic railroad, and, with a little encouragement, tosses them into the air, where they form into gold dust. The Castletown railway station on the Isle of Man Railway formed part of Shining Time Station and the goods shed at Port St. He was cut from the cast after test audiences complained of his Liverpudlian tone making Thomas sound too old.
For the purpose, a steam locomotive, painted to resemble Thomas, was brought to the cinema by on July 9th, 2000. This movie has neither, having lost in its Americanization what the British original did so right". The Japanese theatrical trailer is kept the same, but replaced some of the original music with bits of the original theme from the Televsion series.
However a theatrical film is set to be released in 2014 and it is to use CGI and live action.
This line is not heard in the movie and is in fact taken from the original script in the scene where he tells Junior to come to Sodor meaning that the scene was filmed before the script cuts. Conductor says "The engines on Sodor had her very much in their thoughts," Percy appears to go down the same line Oliver did in Oliver's Find, so Percy should not have ended up at Knapford.
The US subtitles also say "Last Controller" instead of "Fat Controller" and "Hatt" is spelt with one "T" . Conductor reading a letter left by "Rabbit": I noticed you left your thinking cap behind, try these instead, they're good for the brain.
The first use of CGI for the series was used during the twelfth season for the faces of the engines, people, and animals, although characters in background shots would still have the traditional plastic faces. The show is mainly about the title character, Thomas, a cheeky little blue tank engine with six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler, and a short stumpy dome.
Instead of following closely to the Railway Series, Allcroft and Mitton loosely adapted stories and even wrote their own episodes, much to the Reverend's disdain. It was the last season animated by Nitrogen Studios and the last to have Sharon Miller as the head writer. In 2004 Robert Hartshorne took their place as composer, while Ed Welch wrote the new theme tune and the songs. If the spin-off Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episodes are included, there are over 400. Conductor, who is looking after the North Western Railway while Sir Topham Hatt is taking a holiday. Splatter and Dodge tease Thomas, until Harold flies by, spreading sneezing powder, set up by Diesel 10, over all three. After trying on his top hat (and returning it after he notices the portrait of the Controller appears angry) he receives a phone call from Sir Topham Hatt and receives his instructions. He tells Junior to go to Shining Time and get his emergency whistle, then go to Sodor, and warns him not to talk to anyone about the buffers. After a conversation, they realise that Burnett may hold the key to the clue of the gold dust.
Lily realises the connection between the truck and the clue so Thomas decides to go back for it before setting off again.
Diesel 10 tries to force the two into a melting pit, but Junior uses the last of his extra gold dust to teleport himself and James away. The team encounter Thomas before appearing on Sodor, where they reunite with the two conductors. Thomas manages to jump through the gap, but Diesel 10 cannot stop in time and falls off into a sludge barge (He looks on the bright side by saying it is a nice time of the year for a cruise). The model sequences were filmed in Toronto, Canada instead of Shepperton Studios, the home of the original TV show; however, several of the show's key staff were flown over to participate.

National press coverage was low, because many journalists were concentrating on the launch of the "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" book, for which a special train named "Hogwarts Express" was run on July 8th - 11th. Boomer can be seen falling off of Diesel 10 at the viaduct, a rod can be seen connected to Thomas' coupler, and Thomas and Diesel 10 have different voices. It was adapted for television by Britt Allcroft using original stories from the Railway Series before using television-exclusive stories written by independent writers. Thomas and Friends takes place on the standard gauge North Western Railway  and the narrow gauge Skarloey Railway.
After two successful seasons, Britt Allcroft set another goal: bringing Thomas into the United States.
The fourth season only had one original episode however and featured many new characters such as the Skarloey Railway engines.
Season twelve used CGI for the faces of the engines, the people, and the animals alongside the traditional model format. Season 15 premiered in early 2011 and another special, Day of the Diesels, was released in Fall 2011. Toby interrupts them by ringing his bell; Diesel 10, trying to catch him, causes the shed to crash down on him, Splatter and Dodge. Conductor gives him his hat and sends him to a railroad with "palm trees and sunny spells".
He was replaced by Neil Crone, who gave Diesel 10 a Russian accent, though this too was forced to be replaced after the audiences found it "offensive".
Roger Ebert gave the film one star out of four, with the consensus, "(the fact) That Thomas and the Magic Railroad made it into theaters at all is something of a mystery. The series has spawned seventeen television seasons, a movie, and seven feature-length specials, with a second movie in the works. The head of the North Western Railway is Sir Topham Hatt, affectionately nicknamed "The Fat Controller" by the engines and staff. During the live airing of the first episode, Henry derailed and a hand was seen coming down to put him back on track. Due to stricter broadcasting schedules, Britt had to create a half hour program to go with the five and a half minute episodes.
The series was doing incredibly well after that and a full-length theatrical film soon loomed ahead.
In 2001, the idea for a spin-off focusing on the non-rail vehicles was being tossed around at Gullane. The first fully CGI production was the 2009 special, Hero of the Rails, directed by Greg Tiernan.
Conductor is not needed, but changes his mind after Diesel 10 speeds by, kicking up dust and dirt.
Conductor frightens Diesel 10 away with a bag of sugar and threatening to dump the sugar in his tanks to seize him up. Mr. Conductor is sleeping by a bush when he has another nightmare, and wakes up hearing Thomas calling his name.
Lily leaves to find Burnett, but a gust of wind blows Thomas down the hill and back into the magic railroad through a mysterious portal at the bottom.
Just as the engines run away, the conductors realise that Lady is part of the clue to the gold dust.
The large passenger station where Lily boards the train is the Harrisburg Transportation Center.
He dropped his load of fruit over Dodge, Splatter, and Percy and dropped his load of oil all over Diesel 10. In February 2012, it was announced that Arc Productions would take over the CGI animation aspect.
Britt Allcroft decided to drift completely away from Railway Series stories and the fifth season contained all original storylines. This was also the first time the engines had individual voice actors since Thomas and The Magic Railroad. Conductor voices his concern about his gold dust, but tells the engines to go back to sleep. Mr Conductor notices the viaduct has begun to collapse, just like in his dream, and realises the world is beginning to fall apart without the gold dust. His model was indeed brought over but was cut during filming, indicated as his crane leg can be seen in Knapford yards as Diesel 10 leaves. Also, released on September 2013 is another special, King of the Railway. A second theatrical film may also be in the works.
Lily offers her gold dust to Burnett, who sprinkles it on her bluebird toy and whispers that they will "always remember their Shining Time together". Despite being cut, Boomer strangely was left unedited out of one of the trailers, showing him fall off of Diesel 10 on the collapsing viaduct (which, in the original script was nicknamed "The Big Dipper"). The buyer turned out to be HiT Entertainment and the eighth season came with drastic changes.
The official Thomas and the Magic Railroad website also had images and information regarding the character before being cut. There, he sees the words "Stoke up the magic in the mountain and the Lady will smile, then watch the swirls that spin so well".
Otherwise, no." While he admired the models and art direction, he criticized how the engines' mouths did not move when they spoke, the overly depressed performance of Peter Fonda, as well as the overall lack of consistency in the plot. The current television series got its start in 1979 when the Reverend Awdry was interviewed for a feature on steam trains. She had became fascinated with the characters and after getting funding from her local bank, acquired the series so she could adapt it for television.

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