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Most of our engines and accessories are from Thomas the Tank Engine, but did you hear that the license for the entire line has been sold to Mattel? If you're starting from scratch, but you know you're going to want to go all out, this is a great set. That previous set is especially appealing when you realize that this little track is nearly half the price. Once you're ready to move on from the basic looped track or figure 8, you're going to need some more pieces and switcher tracks. I'd recommend getting a set of the previous risers for stability, then supplementing with a set of these more affordable ones.

You can line these up or arrange them side by side, and you can't beat that classic Golden Gate look.
If you can't fathom springing for Tidmouth Sheds, here's a grain train shed for a fraction of the price. You're going to need these little curved pieces once you start getting into more complicated layouts, and these are way more affordable than the officially licensed ones. I don't know why the Thomas tunnels are so expensive, but here's a great, reasonably priced option by BigJigs.
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No word on what will change and what will stay the same, but in the meantime, here are the best options for extending your train table (whether officially Thomas branded or otherwise). She tells her trains goodnight in a Sir Topham Hat voice, and put them to bed behind each little door.
And if I’m being honest, I love rearranging the track almost as much as she and her little brother love playing with it.

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