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Place the clothespins along the strip of black poster board, about an inch apart, with the gripping ends of the pins at the top sticking up above the edge of the strip. Attach another strip of black poster board along the bottom, with the ends of the clothespins extending down past the edge of the strip.
Use tacks to adhere the clothespin train track banner holder to your party backdrop or table.
For my twins 2nd birthday I wanted each of them to have their own cake that they would be excited over and I wanted to make them myself. I'm afraid I can't claim originality for this train cake as I used the design from Debbie Browne's Character cake book.
My son Larkin loves trains so when he wanted a train cake for his 3rd birthday I started with a 3D train cake mold for the actual cake.
Once I had the idea for the theme for the party, I traced a picture of Thomas from a video cover. This train cake is a plain butter cake that I made for the base of the engine and carriages and a roll cake for the engine.
This was quite possibly the most disorganized train cake that I have ever made but it turned out great. For the engine I used the 3-D train cake pan and the rest were loaf pans cut to various sizes.

The coal car (apparently Thomas doesn't actually have a coal car but all the other engines do) has crushed Oreos from those 100-calorie packs. For the rest of the trim on the train cake, I went down the candy aisle in the grocery store. To make the train cake look like the train cars were actually being held up by their wheels, I cut out foam core cubes that were a little smaller than the boards that each cake was sitting on. This made me very nervous worrying about getting two cakes done as well as all the other party details. Candy faces for the passengers in the windows and the engineer and mallow mar cookies for the wheels. I then took it to a copy store and had them blow it up as large as I wanted the cake to be. Used mini Oreos for wheels, rice krispies and licorice for the tracks (used honey to keep them down). The tank of the car was made in a washed out baked beans can lined with parchment paper (I got most of the ideas for the different cars from actual Thomas books and shows, except the lumber car, I just liked that and added Ethan's last name for a personal touch). It looks a lot like coal because it has granulated sugar on it, which sparkles in a coal-like way. I found licorice rounds for the wheels and long licorice for the rails, plus Swedish fish, graham cracker sticks, chocolate covered wafer cookies for the railroad ties, pretzel rods, and Oreos that I covered with blue chocolate for Thomas's wheels.

The train cake looked cool, but was extremely time consuming and made it difficult to transport so it might not have been worth it. My son is very into Thomas the Tank Engine so I bought the Wilton stand-up cake pan and changed their decorating examples to look like one of my sons toy Thomas trains. Once cooled, I took the cakes out of the pans and placed them on top of a board that was covered with coordinating wrapping paper.
Make sure you use pound cake with the stand-up cake pan and put a thick layer of icing under the cake so it stand easier on your cake plate, the cake never fell over once! Once all 4 cakes were on, I placed the blown up drawing on top and began to cut all around the cake.
I then started to cut my template little by little, frosting everything color by color, like a paint by number.

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