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In 1993-1994 ERTL also made another limited set of Thomas trains called ERTL Gold Star Series Shinning Station which included 14 engines and cars.
ERTL discontinued making the highly collectible trains but there still available to collectors who seek them. Please enjoy this List of ERTL Thomas trains and use it as a Collector’s Guide to diecast ERTL Thomas engines and trains. This die-cast model included a sheet of stickers enabling one to change the facial expression of Thomas's face.

The coloration and detail is what you would expect in these fine Thomas train collectibles and there is no surprise why people love to collect them. In particular the diecast metal series was made by several companies including ERTL, Shining Time, Learning Curve and Fisher Price but they have one thing in common, they are all diecast metal collectibles. The photo gallery will also help identify these train characters in case you haven’t seen them before.
After this successful offering, ERTL intended to offer the main characters of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends but the range extended to over one hundred train characters in all.

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