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Upon sign up to our Fisher Price email database the offer will be emailed to your inbox within 1 day. Build your Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ world bigger with the Railway Builder Bucket from Fisher-Price! View DetailsAround the Rails with Thomas travel pack comes with over 2 feet of track, Thomas engine and play pieces. Featuring over 35 track pieces, the Railway Builder Bucket lets you expand your motorized railway by building a variety of unique, individual layouts, or connecting to other TrackMaster™ train sets and expansion packs.

You are able to connect to the new trackmaster sets (Blue Rail Style Track) with adapter pieces sold separately. This massive collection includes curved and straight track pieces, buffers, and directional switches, so you have complete freedom to create your own custom-made Thomas & Friends™ railway!
The bucket acts as storage for your track pieces, and the bucket lid can be built into your layout as a 6-way crossing for your motorized trains (trains sold separately). If order is shipped to more than one address, offer applies to first "ship-to" address only.

Create, expand, and explore the world of Thomas & Friends™ with the TrackMaster™ Railway Builder Bucket!

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