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The 32 piece Deluxe Expansion Track Pack includes risers and compatible track that can expand your layouts beyond your current play sets and train sets.
These countertop displays offer a great variety of high quality diecast metal trains with fun friction-powered action.

This deluxe train set includes either a steam or diesel locomotive, two cargo or passenger cars, pine trees and 16 sections of straight and curved track that can be used to make numerous layouts. This train set includes either a steam or diesel locomotive, a cargo or passenger car and 12 sections of curved track that connect to make a large 40” circle layout. This adorable keychain is an authentic diecast metal replica of the popular little red caboose. The 32 piece track pack is compatible with Thomas Motorized TrackMaster trains, sets and accessories from Fisher-Price. These trains are constructed of real wood and have magnetic connectors on the front and back to make it fun for kids to create many different combinations.

Each 12-piece display comes with engines in assorted colors that all have pull-back action with working side rails. This mega playset has enough pieces to create many different layouts and keep kids busy all afternoon.

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