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A town filled with stuff, like the Central Station, a heliport with express tunnel (similar to Harold the Helicopter), a scrubbing train wash, a suspension bridge, a working magnetic crane with grapple (similar to Cranky), and a 3-door roundhouse with working turntable (similar to Tidmouth Sheds), interchangeable scenery, trains, trucks and characters with 100 pieces of track which is over 23 feet long! I purchased this for my 3 year old daughter for her birthday and she still plays with it one year later. This set is packed with goodies including the train table, a complete layout of tracks, train buildings and a town.

We ordered the same one with different track layout for Christmas the year before when he was 2 and it was a huge hit. They absolutely love it train table and I was able to put it together in a couple of hours by myself with my kids hanging out with me.
She is a Thomas the train fan and this fit into my budget; plus all the Thomas trains are compatible with this.

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