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These are the instructions for building the LEGO Duplo Thomas Load and Carry Train Set that was released in 2005.
Then Edward, I designed the driving wheels higher as I would use Big Ben Bricks medium drivers for that model.
I built the model out of 2 Emerald Nights, however I don't have actual pictures for the real version. Your Atlantic looks good with nice proportions and I wouldn't mind seeing some pictures of the brick built loco too. The bad news first: I am currently in the USA to improve my English and not in Austria where the brick-built model of the C1 is. As Thomas and Friends is based on British engines this is not something just for Thomas fans.
I just realized, I have a picture of my C1 from about one year ago, but that model was so bad (for me), so much has changed since then.

I'm seriousely considering converting Stanley into black with red stripes OR tan with black stripes. I do really like Maithwaite, and the 'Big Station' too- I was thinking if it was too many bricks, then perhaps you could do a smaller station? Like a lot of people Thomas takes me back to my youth, but in those days I recall my Thomas stories were recorded onto Vinyl, I had four records in the collection and listened to them often. I converted Edward to LDraw and had to fix many missing parts and much more to show you the result with BigBen's wheels. I will convert Stanley and Duck to LDraw too to show them with the other wheels, but that takes much time.
That is the only engine that I actually have in real bricks, however the LDD model is a little bit different - I don't have green wheels and am planning to buy the XL Big Ben Bricks drivers which should look better.
Even better, the style can easily be changed to more realistic colors to have a near spot on depiction of a prototypical steam locomotive.

Also, could you upload the LXF files to MOCPages or Brickshelf and them link to them here, I think a lot of people (including me!) would love making these or at least taking thme apart ot see how they tick. But I have to disappoint you, the real model looks much closer to the LDD model than to the model down there. Furthermore I plan to disassemble the engine and build it new, some parts look weird and the model needs a good mechanism for the curves. Like Tidmouth station, which is a smaller-looking version of Knapford(the big station, on TV). One thing I always felt was missing from Thomas was that they concentrated too much on the engines at the expense of being able to pull stuff so I am glad that you have included some rolling stock.

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