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My grandmother died this year so this Christmas was a little tough because it was the first one without her. So yesterday, as we finished our Christmas dinner and silently expressed our lingering sadness over her absence, my uncle pulled out something that’s going to affect our lives forever.
My family is big on board games of all kinds, and we routinely play them after we’re done with holiday feasts and present-opening. My grandmother would’ve appreciated the thought of any one of us grudgingly hanging a picture of her favorite actor in our homes. On Christmas Eve I ended up spending time at my parent’s house while Will and MJ were visiting with her dad (Papa) and his girlfriend Donna (Grammy).
We connected a few of the pieces and started working together, knowing it was all for Will. The growing need to assemble toys is not one of the things I am looking most forward too for future Christmases.

But this year, we decided the winner of our games would be entitled to more than just bragging rights. Little did I know, that meant I had unwittingly volunteered myself to help assemble the present my brother bought Will. And that’s in addition to the dozens of Thomas the Train Engine gifts that Will received for Christmas this year. The Imaginarium City Central Train Table includes: Includes track sections, Central Station.
From now on, whichever household wins the game will also get to pick one of the losers, and that loser will have to hang the ugly John Wayne picture somewhere in their house for an entire year until the following Christmas. The next two hours featured some testiness, but mostly laughter and good-natured ribbing while my mom cooked delicious smelling Christmas food and the speakers played some Christmas tunes. And while I appreciate the obvious amount of thought that went into the gift, I soon realized actually giving it to him was going to be easier said than done.

In a nutshell, we’re mechanically deficient and putting things together or assembling anything even remotely complicated is not our strong suit.
Not only that, but we’re also all extremely argumentative, short-tempered and sarcastic. Not only did we have to assemble the table, but once that was done we also had to build the multi-level train track. KidKraft Rising City Train Table And Set by KidKraft Learn more about Imaginarium 115-Piece Sound City Railway Train Table.

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