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These games, several of which focus on the business aspect of railroads, are my picks for the best train games.What are your favorite train games? Designed by Martin Wallace, published by Mayfair Games (Steam) and Eagle Games (Age of Steam).These two games are closely related. Designed by Franz-Benno Delonge, published by Winning Moves.Unlike most railroad games, TransAmerica is light and quick to play. Designed by Harry Wu, published by Queen Games.Originally published by Winsome Games as Wabash Cannonball, Chicago Express is set on the east cost and in the midwest United States.
Designed by Francis Tresham, published by Avalon Hill.This game, in which players try to earn money by buying and selling stock in various railroad companies, is much more focused on the stock elements than on the railroad theme.
Designed by Dirk Henn, published by Queen Games.This is another light, family-friendly train game. Moon, published by Days of Wonder.Ticket to Ride is an absolutely top-notch game (plus a number of expansions and follow-ups) with broad appeal, playing in less than an hour and providing a lot of depth without being complicated.

In both of them, players compete to build railroads and deliver goods via a network of tracks and stations that develops as the game progresses. Players put square tiles on the board to form rail lines, trying to create lines that are as long as possible to connect their trains to a station.
Players compete to build railroad lines across the United States, trying to connect specific cities while preventing other players from reaching their goals. Both Steam: Rails to Riches (2009) and Age of Steam (originally released in 2002) are fairly described as heavyweight strategy games, and both are excellent. The winner is the player who earned the most money through the shrewd buying and selling of stock.
You earn points for building trains with the same cars, or for a train with every car being different.
Along the way, you will probably also connect some of your opponents' lines, making them as short as possible.

Winning requires a variety of smart strategic and tactical choices, giving Ticket to Ride considerable replay value. If you enjoy deep games that reward repeated play, I strongly recommend either Steam or Age of Steam. A third related game, also recommended, is Railroad Tycoon (2005), published by Eagle Games.

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