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3D Car paper model toy templates for collectors which are gathered from paper car and model fan-sites.
Anyway, it has listed quite a number of sites and even gathered them on specific car manufacturers .
Unfortunately, there is no active link can be found for US car models, maybe it was made to be updated in the future… but unfortunately again, it never happened.
Face down criminals anytime with the GMC Yukon Denali State Trooper hatchback SUV and neutralize them swiftly. Add some class to your room with this sleek classic car, an exceptional choice from the 50s. When done eating the ice-cream, throw away the sticky cardboard tube, but wash and save the plastic stick and plunger. Take a clean plastic bottle from the recycling bin and drill a pair of holes in it a little larger diameter than the plastic push-sticks. That’s it, you have a great little toy car make entirely out of plastic items from the recycling bin. My two-year old was having lots of fun with the one that I built for her, and older kids can build ones themselves easily!
Nifty project but that bottle looks suspiciously like what they serve only up in First Class seating these days…. ANY plastic bottle can work for a Push-Ups Racer, as long as it’s narrower than the axels.

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Add to WishlistThis yellow car model is the 1948 Volkswagen Beetle model, features the retro style and exquisite manual craftsmanship. We gather free unique, creative crafts and models we find around the internet as well as publishing our own works and projects. But its indeed true, you can find many sites which collect cars and other transportation models on the internet.
Such as many famous and well-known Japanese cars’ manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Subaru, Suzuki, Daihatsu and many more. The Ford F-1 is the first generation of Ford's best-selling F-Series pickup trucks, and the Harley-Davidson FL Panhead is a classic Harley FL model from the late 1940s. You can decorate it if you’d like, and then race them through the hall-way, in the driveway, or for some real fun, down a big ramp! You could add some broccoli rubber bands to the wheels for some traction if you have those too. This red car model is made of brand new tinplate, with doing old coloring paint and decent design. If you're interested, you can join us by submitting your art work to share with our many wonderful readers. I found some of them which I will try to keep up and post it here on craft directory review, probably in my next post.

It was last updated on the year 2007, no more updates were available after that from what I see.
There are also cars from UK such as Jaguar and Lotus, and cars from Germany such as BMW, Porshe etc.
Together, these two make up one cool combination, a great addition to any classic car collection. It’s a good solid plastic that has a little heft to it, so it makes a really nice race car. And from that particular car models page, the sites which are listed are old as well and even display error pages on some of it. You will need to explore it yourself from here to find specific cars that you are interested in. Many drinking water bottles now are really thin and light plastic, which is hard to easily drill.
But still, we will continue to explore the site and I’ll post each model that I found interesting and worth to be shared here.
Both items come two-toned white and orange, and the pickup features openable doors and tailgate.

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