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The five hour journey is one of the best train journeys for tourist operated by Indian railway.
On July 2nd 2008 UNESCO’s world heritage committee has decided to add Kalka–Shimla Railway to world heritage list & in a function at Kalka on 9th Nov 2008 this railway line was officially declared by UNESCO as world heritage site. Each train can take 210 passengers and in a day around 1000 passengers mostly tourist use this train to visit Shimla.
The train route passes through beautiful valley and hills and it almost moves in up word direction (climbing) through out its journey ending at Shimla the capital of Himachal Pradesh.
The best train in this line is Shivalik Deluxe Express which starts in the early morning from Kalka.
Shivalik experess is connecting train for the Howrah ( Kolkata ) to Kalka Mail which reaches Kalka station at 04.45 AM. The coaches are equipped with reversible cushioned chairs, foldable table for serving food, wall-to-wall carpeting and wide glass windows. BAROG was the name of a British engineer who was in charge of digging the longest tunnel in this rail network. After passing through tunnels, rivers and valleys we finally reached Shimla which is the last stop for this train and end of the rail track.
Booking for this train is to be done in much advance during summer seasons particularly in April – May – Jun months.
Ashish Mahajan11-02-2009I have planned to visit Manali in march 2009, how can I reach there with train ?
Can anyone please let me know some good budget hotels for night stay at Kalka near Railway station as I have to catch the Toy train early morning .
DIPTENamit mishra04-03-2009I will be reaching kalka at around 4.45 morning by Howarh kalka mail. Sanu15-06-2009Do I need to book hotels in shimla and manali in advance during 1st wk of July. SANJIV KUMAR SINGH30-06-2009I want to know about Himalayan Queen, AC Chair Car facilities.John13-07-2009I rode this train in 1985.
Other than CC, is there any possibility to get some facility like deluxe , honeymoon in this train no 241?
I will be greatful if you could provide me the details for the time schedule for those trains and the ticket fairs. Please someone clarify!!!Samir Patodia20-12-2009A very good site to know more about kalka to shimla route. I just wanted to know if there is a option to book tickets in tatkal for trains from kalka to simla as i am planning to go to simla in the month end and there are no seats available.Bev Nichols07-03-2010My Grandfather worked on the Kalka Shimla narrow guage railway sometime in the period between 1908 and 1915. I am planning to travel by Toy Train in the first week of June from Simla to Kalka, how can i book advance ticket.SATTHI06-05-2010Hi, I am Satthi from Malaysia. 2> If we book the tckts in advance - do we get the seat numbers reserved?sandip saha26-07-2010Hi every buddy! 1)Somewhere in your article you have mentioned that there are different classes of comaprtments like deluxe , honeymoon , chair car , rail car compartments. This is Manoj from delhi, i am doing plan for shimla in 25th dec , so just i want to take idea about toy train or other train kalka to shimla,,like exact Dep. I would like to book tickets for Shivalik Queen in Feburary 2011 for my honeymoon to Shimla. Could any body assit me in getting inform for train from newdelhi to Simla & simla to Mata Vaishno Devitemple.
I would like to book tickets for Shivalik Queen in 1st march 2011 for my honeymoon in Shimla.
Ramakant prasad 31-03-2011 thanx for the gudiance about toy trains as they are the one through which we can see the sight exactly and thats is the real fun of indian railway iven to us.
I will be traveling from kalka to shimla I just wanted to know that should I go by Ac or 1st class. Malden District Society of Model Engineers Ltd is a club society of around 190 members devoted to promoting the hobby of large scale model engineering to all those interested in the hobby of Model Engineering.

The principle station is Willowbank station complete with 3 platforms and its own signalbox. Willowbank Station is the main station on the ground level track, it is here that the 1000 plus passengers depart and arrive for their train rides on an open day afternoon.
The Elevated track is capable of running 3?" and 5" gauge locomotive as well as small 7?" gauge locomotive. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The railway track is small in width between Kalka and Shimla and is known as meter gauge track opened by British Government in the year 1903. You can reach Kalka in the morning by traveling in different trains if you don't want to stay for a night at Kalka.
He started his work from both ends of the hill and unfortunately the two ends didn't align and never meat. Shivalik exp took nearly 5 hours for us but other trains takes more than 6 hours to cover the distance of 96 KM. For Shivalik Express tickets can be booked in 90 days before and for other trains it is one month.
Also like to know whether on spot bus ticket bookings for moving from shimla to manali and manali to delhi can be made or not??? M DAS08-01-2010I AM COMING BY HOWRAH KALKA MAIL WHICH WOULD REACH KALKA ON 04 FEB 10 AT 0445 HRS.
Pradyumna Khan22-01-2011Hi, I'm planning to visit Shimla for a honeymoon trip in the mid of the may probably. Will it be full before I get to India?amar15-11-2011Im living abroad and im unable to book tickets vis IRCTC. The large and small scale railway tracks are open to the public from Easter until October on the first Sunday of each month and every Bank Holiday from 1pm.
Angel Road is a junction without a station but its own Signalbox, and lastly Hampton Court Junction where the locomotives sheds and carriage sidings are located, The ground level track is over a 1800ft long oval comprising of two circuits with a number of sidings and passing loops, at one point there are 4 running tracks side by side. The distance of 96 KM between Shimla and Kalka passes through 102 tunnels and 87 bridges.
For example booking will open on Aug 21st 8 AM for Himalayan Queen for the date of Journey of 20th Sep.
Limited number of sitting arrangements is there in this and this runs in tourist seasons only. Any time the road option is always there to reach Shimla from Kalka (even if you missed the train ) and to continue with your onward tour plan.
I would like to know whether Shivalik express really is a connecting train from kalka to shimla? I DO HAVE A BOOKING ON SHIVALIK EXP, FROM KALKA TO SHIMLA, ON THE SAME DAY WHICH STARTS AT 0530 HRS. Is there any special compartment for the same?Aditya Beri05-07-2011I will be reaching Kalka at 11:40 am from New Delhi-Kalka Shatabdi. If one has not done this, please do so, you will love it and forget train journey in any European country.
As you will see from the 1990 picture it is a built around the turntable, the shed consists of 16 Roads where our resident and visitors locomotive are sheded and serviced.
The locomotives are predominately 5" gauge, though the odd 3?" gauge locomotive is sometimes seen running. From last week of December to First week of January many tourist from Delhi, Chandigarh and nearby places visit Shimla to celebrate new year. But the for the same date of journey ( Sep 20th ) if you are booking on 22nd Aug then you can book at 5 AM. May I have the train shedule and what time is the best time to take train fom Delhi to Kalka because I don\'t want to miss another train at Kalka at 5.30am.
Jauhry09-08-2010It worth pleasant and enjoyment to visit Shimla by toy train from Kalka Railway Station run by Northern Railway.

I want some information that which TOY TRAIN shoudl I take to Shimla which starts after 11:45 am on 13th August'2011 (SATURDAY)Abhishek srivastava06-07-2011Hi Divya, No, Shivalik delux express is just like Shatabdi. Will I get Shivalik express that time.Anand 27-09-2011Hi, We are planning to visit shimla from mum. The signal box is a true replication of British Railways mechanical signalling practice using a 17 lever frame. Thanks for any helpSubhendu14-08-2008This train is there, ensure that you select CC ( chair car ) in class drop down list. Arren29-07-2009Can somebody suggest a decent hotel close to Kalka Railway station to stay in with the family. Are there different classes in the train like deluxe , honeymoon , chair car as mentioned in the article here. Will it be confirmed?IPSITA PARUI01-06-2013i want to visit shimla in september, want to go by the toy train.plz tell me how i book tickets for dis train from kolkataSANJIB DEBNATH07-08-2013i want to visit shimla in november 2013, want to go by the shivalik exp.
16, 17 & 18 are placed in C1 coach of Shivalik Deluxe Toy TrainDave Deo20-03-2014I see the Shivalik delayed everyday by 3-4 hours everyday, probably because of Kalka Mail thats late too. The signalling is of the semaphore system of signals which are electrically operated in conjunction with train operated track circuit protection.
Both trains are comparable in the quality or shivalik is special and will shivalik wait for the train which is coming from Delhi to arrive? One can enjoy the tunnels numbering 103 and the biggest one before the Barog Railway Station.
On my return i have booked the shivalik express from Shimla that reaches Kalka at 10.25 pm.
Shivalik express does not have any official stops between the journey, only it stopped at BAROG where food packets were loaded to the train. Subhendu16-08-2008Best train tis Shivalik Express, starts early morning from Kalka & reaches Shimla by 11.00 AM. Do other passengers have to wait for 3-4 hours, or is there any other arrangements made by Indian Railways ?mukesh02-05-2014how many tatkal quota in himalya queen train 52455sourabh choudhary13-10-2014i want to visit shimla in nov end, want to go by a toy train. All attendants loaded there food packs based on the number of passengers traveling in the compartment. Please tell me about the charges of booking per person.anuj sinha11-08-2009Actually my colleagues will decide to trip in Shimla.
Only the problem I have to face the howarh Mail was 4 Hours late due to this the SHIVALIK DELUXE also could not proceed , all passengers of this train were in this very train. So is there any possibility that the Shivalik express reaches late and i miss my howrah-kalka mail at 11.55 pm.
On 2nd dec the Kalka Howerah was late 4 Huurs, Any way the train was very good the attebdent behaviour was very polite, he has serve us water Bottle, 2 Times Tea and breakfast Too. You can try but if you don’t get train then you can travel by road and watching the train from road is another excitement. Rajindra Sanwal14-05-2009I WANT TO KNKOW THE FARE OF SHIVALIK EXPRESS FROM KALKA TO SHIMLAGaurav Kumar22-05-2009Does the Rail Motor from Kalka to Shimla wait for the Kalka mail from Delhi. The breakfast is complementary in the up journey ( to Shimla ) and dinner is included in your ticket in down ( to Kalka ) journey. There is only 20 min in between which seems a very short timeSukhendu Roy Chowdhury22-05-2009This June I am going to Shimla from Delhi. My plan is to come shimla on 29th May 2011 arrive at Delhi by 12.40 Afternoon & I wish to travel by toy train from Delhi to shimla. You can then spend the whole day in Delhi nd take a train to Kalka OR you can take Pashim Express at 11 in the morning to Kalka. So, if you reach by PAshim, you will have to take a night stay or take a vehicle and reach Shimla.

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