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Our second pick is from the Korean War and also a tank that saw action at the end of World War II. The Flying Mule has jumped on board to close out the excellent 1:48 scale Carousel 1 war plane line. Considering that the adventures of Lieutenants George Welch and Ken Taylor and have been featured in two major movies (Tora! Curtiss P-40B Warhawk Designed to meet a USAAC requirement for a pursuit aircraft, the P40 was first flown on October 14th, 1940. Given the continuing state of the economy, we'll dedicate this week's picks (well three out of four anyway) to all of you on a tight budget.
Our second armor selection is also in the 1:72 scale, but his time it is from Hobby Master. Marine Pershings were delivered in normal Army colors and share the standard olive drab finish. Our aircraft picks this week are both Corgi 1:72 collector sets and both are at excellent prices. For you fans of armor, we feature two Dragon 1:72 scale German World War II AFV's for under $10.
The Jagdpanzer, with its low profile and powerful 75mm gun, was an ideal German anti-tank weapon to be used against the Allies and Russians as they pressed in on the Fatherland. This model depicts a vehicle fighting in 1945 in the defense of Germany, with a very realistic two-tone camouflage paint scheme that is also authentically weathered. The Luftwaffe's KG26s reached the height of their effectiveness attacking convoys with a tactic called the golden comb.
This tactic involved HE111s carrying torpedoes and attacking in a low-altitude abreast formation at dusk when visibility was at it s poorest. Our next selection is for those of you with much deeper pockets and some significant display space to spare.
The pilot model of the M4 was completed in September 1941, and the Sherman became the most widely produced tank of the war.
The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was a lightweight fighter aircraft operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service (IJNAS) from 1940 to 1945. M26 Pershing Tank: The Heavy Tank M26 Pershing was an American heavy tank used during World War II and the Korean War.
The M26?s were delivered in normal Army colors of standard olive drab carries Marine Tactical markings in yellow to indicate the company, platoon and individual vehicle. The first represents a World War II Pacific dog fight between a birdcage Corsair and a Zero.
In this case four items--one soldier set and three AFV's are back at excellent prices from Military Issue.
Perfect as standalone display pieces or for adding to a diorama, these figures measure approximately 2" tall. It received a new engine, stronger airframe, 2 additional weapons pylons for a total of 5, new avionics. In October 1956 during the Suez Crisis the Squadron received the unofficial nickname The Wire-cutters because they would fly their aircraft through Egyptian telegraph wires to disrupt communications.
This week we feature the P-51B Maj DAVID TEX HILL at the reasonable price of $75.39 from Toy Train Heaven. Construction of the E-100 prototype proceeded slowly at Henschel's test plant after Hitler's order to cease work on super-heavy tanks, and at the end of the war only the bare hull and suspension were completed.

The Late Production model, because of the heavier gun, was nose heavy, and so the front wheels had steel rims rather than rubber, as the rubber wore out too rapidly. Also included are other appropriate late production features such as the correct return rollers and the modified rear exhaust system. Features include: zimmerit coating, newly tooled turret, upper hull and lower hull, realistically painted tracks, authentic weathering, anti-aircraft MG included and clear display case. Our labor this week has been made a bit easier by a few (albeit fewer than usual) Labor Day sales.
From The Flying Mule's Labor Day sale, it is the 1:16 scale Unimax Forces of Valor 85007 M4 Sherman Tank Diecast Model US Army, Normandy, France, D-Day June 6th 1944.
The M4 Sherman defeated heavier tanks with superior numbers, and by using outflanking tactics to strike thinner enemy flank armor.
This 10 page booklet has the instructions and color coded charts to make this fun candy themed Christmas train. It was named after General John Pershing, who led the American Expeditionary Force in World War I.The M26 was a long time in development and only just reached combat status during World War II. The former A-4s were designed more for a nuclear capability but at this time this need was becoming less important.
Different types were designated a number indicating their weight in tons: E 10, E 25, E 50 (Panther replacement), E 75 (Tiger replacement) and E 100.
The Jagdpanzer IV was sometimes given the nickname of ?Guderian??s Chicken?, and muzzle brakes were quickly deleted because with the gun barrel being so close to the ground, great amounts of dust were kicked up upon firing. The Jagdpanzer IV was sometimes given the nickname of ?Guderian?s Chicken?, and muzzle brakes were quickly deleted because with the gun barrel being so close to the ground, great amounts of dust were kicked up upon firing. It is the oldest wing on continuous active duty and is the only active wing whose fighters have never served in the continental United States. Many variants were designed and manufactured to increase their effectiveness against German Panzer divisions. Shermans also achieved success with progressively upgunned models and by working with tank destroyers. A small number were brought across to Europe under the Zebra Technical Mission which included tanks, spares and military and civilian observers.
During the 1973 Yom Kippur War the A-4 suffered heavy losses making it necessary for the US to send 28 replacements. The M4A1 was quick, highly maneuverable, simple to maintain and was equipped with a 75MM gun. The Sherman tank--named by the British--was fast, maneuverable, mechanically reliable, easy to manufacture, and effective in its infantry support role. Welch left Purdue after two years to enlist in the Army Air Corps as a pilot candidate in 1939.
They were assigned to General Omar Bradley's 12th Army Group and split between the 3rd and 9th Armored Division. The addition of the pylons now made the A-4E capable of carrying a more varied weapons and fuel load up to a maximum of 8,200 pounds. This large-scale model of the Sherman is bristling with features that make it highly collectible.
It served with the US Army and Marines during World War II, and the US transferred large numbers to the United Kingdom and allied forces of many countries.
In February, 1941, he was assigned to the 47th fighter Squadron, 15th Pursuit Group at Wheeler Field, Oahu, in the Hawaiian Islands.

The model itself is a real heavy-weight and includes details impossible to achieve in a smaller scale. The first Pershing loss was on 28 February to a Tiger I Tank, but it was recovered and put back into operation.Overall, the Pershing was considered roughly equal in performance to the German Panther Tank. In Korea, Marine tanks did not regularly carry the US Army?s white star insignia, but they did at Inchon, Korea.
Ken Taylor, partied almost until dawn, then retired to Bachelor Officers' Quarters at Wheeler Field. In the first engagement with the M26 by the 3rd Armored Division, the M26 managed to catch two Tigers and one Panzer IV Tank by surprise from a flanking position. Arrives in an large, attractive package complete with history book and limited edition certificate. Their P-40's had been deployed to Haleiwa Field, a grass strip on the north coast of Oahu, for gunnery training. The following day, 6 columns of T-34s were sent to repel the attack, but half were destroyed by aircraft and half by M26?s.
They were awakened by the sound of exploding bombs and gunfire announcing the Japanese attack. Dressing quickly, they raced outside to Taylor's car, pausing long enough to warn Haleiwa Field to have their planes gassed, armed, and warmed up.
It was 16 miles from Wheeler to Haleiwa, but Taylor drove it in 15 minutes despite being strafed by a Japanese dive bomber as they left Wheeler field.
The M4A3E8, whose anti-tank performance was improved thanks to availability of the HVAP shells, is responsible for most of the remainder. Haleiwa was so small the Japanese had overlooked it in their planning, so Welch and Taylor were able to become airborne without being attacked. In less than a minute they encountered a group of Japanese dive bombers, and Welch shot one down before his P-40 was hit by enemy fire. Welch paused to determine that his plane was not seriously damaged, and returned to the fight in time to see Taylor flame another dive bomber.
Welch then knocked down another Japanese dive bomber and saw a second victim of Taylor's crash on the beach. They stayed in the cockpit while their planes were serviced, then began to take off just as the Japanese second wave attacked.
Welch shot down the Zero that strafed Taylor, then splashed another dive bomber into the sea.
Welch shot down another twelve Japanese aircraft flying P-39's and P-38's later in the war. Top USAAF General Hap Arnold called on Welch to resign his commission and become a test pilot for North American Aviation. He flew the XF-86 Sabre and was sent to Korea to teach USAF pilots how to use their Sabres more effectively against Russian MiG-15's. Welch was testing an early production F-100A Super Sabre to its limits when the plane went out of control and killed him, on October 12,1954.

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