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The fun hobby of collecting and operating Lionel model toy trains finds new enthusiasts every day. Members of the Lionel Collectors Club of America are folks from all walks of life who love to operate or collect model toy trains from all eras. LCCA members are hobbyists who actively seek and find Lionel model toy trains and operate or display them at home or in the office. We love trains and love sharing our interest in the hobby with others, especially today’s families.
Click here for the LCCA membership application or fill out a gift membership application and join others who share your love for Lionel hobby train sets.
Here is our big news for the 2016 convention: we will be able to ride the BNSF Special Train.
Kansas City is also home to the only World War I museum dedicated only to preserving the objects and personal experiences of the Great War. Without going into more detail, there is a lot to see and do in Kansas City, and I haven't even mentioned barbeque and the famous Burnt Ends of Kansas City BBQ.
During the week, we will be kept so busy with numerous activities, events, tours, and visiting with friends and fellow members that you will wonder where the week went!
To all the new LCCA members who came over from the Lionel Rail Roaders Club, we welcome you to come see why everyone says the LCCA has the best conventions of all the train clubs. In addition to the events and program, each attendee will receive several special items including the Registration and Banquet Gifts. We had scheduled social activities and events that enable attendees to meet and visit with friends and fellow members. BNSF Special Train and St Joseph, MO - If you’re a student of history, then this full day tour will be right up your alley! Union Station's Railroads, National World War I Museum, and Steamboat Museum - Our first visit of the day will be to Union Station. Union Station was closed in the 1980s and sat empty and neglected – narrowly escaping demolition on several occasions. Next, we’ll visit the only public museum in the United States solely dedicated to World War I.
Standing watch over the Liberty Memorial high atop the 24-story tall Memorial Tower* are four carvings of the Guardian Spirits, representing the high ideals of honor, courage, patriotism, and sacrifice. We’ll have time for lunch (on our own) and shopping at the Hallmark Crown Center which also features the interactive Hallmark Cards Visitor Center. After lunch, we’ll take a journey back through time to 1856 and the Steamboat Arabia Museum.
The dining room wait staff prides itself on quick service for appetizers, salads and beverage orders.
Then we’re off to Topeka, capital of the state of Kansas, to tour and have lunch at the Great Overland Station which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Union Pacific Railroad Passenger Depot. Following lunch, we’re off to visit the Combat Air and adjacent Kansas National Guard Museums. The new team quickly became a powerhouse, appearing in the playoffs seven times from 1976 to 1985, winning one World Series championship and another AL pennant, led by stars such as Amos Otis, Hal McRae, John Mayberry, George Brett, Frank White, Willie Wilson, and Bret Saberhagen. Our next stop in Independence will be the Chicago-Alton Depot and the adjacent National Frontier Trails Museum. Independence was the jumping off point for the three principal trails which crossed the West - the Santa Fe, the Oregon, and the California Trails. Dug into the Bethany Falls limestone mine, SubTropolis is, in part, 160 feet beneath the surface. Kansas Speedway and Vintage Train Lunch - There’s fast and then there’s really fast! Our next visit will be to the historic district of 18th and Vine, home to a multiple tribute to Kansas City’s heritage, including the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the adjacent American Jazz Museum.
Kansas City’s role in nurturing the development of jazz during the 1920s and 1930s is known throughout the world.
Home Layout Tours - From the Electric Express first built in 1900 to the most elaborate and sophisticated layouts of the current day, Lionel Trains have brought smiles and happiness to both old and young for over a century! Moving on to the next impressive layout, our next stop is just a short drive away and the engines will be humming through this multi-room tour. These events to be held held in Kansas City are just a taste of the type of things in store for you, your family, and friends when you come to an LCCA convention and help us celebrate the annual anniversary of the "Best toy train club on the planet" by making each convention one of the best in Lionel Collectors Club Convention history.
For many, that joy in model railroading began in childhood when Lionel electric hobby train sets were the toy of choice, and Lionel was one of the most recognized trademarks in the world. Many members create fascinating train layouts that take advantage of today’s exciting technological advances. Some are loyal to a favorite railroad, the line that served their hometown, for example, so they collect Lionel model trains exclusively of that railroad.

The Lionel model railroad brand is still produced by Lionel LLC, and it remains a leader in the toy train manufacturing industry.
Many kids have never seen a model steam locomotive because they missed the golden age of model railroading. BNSF is making this outstanding train available to us ride from Argentine yard in Kansas City, Kansas to Topeka, Kansas. The Arabia Steamboat Museum has more than 200 tons of recovered treasure from the 1856 steamboat that sank in the Mississippi river.This museum has even been consulted by the Smithsonian because of its excellence in restoring artifacts.
There are numerous surprises for attending specific events and of course don’t forget items in the LCCA store available for purchase including a very unique on-site car.
For example, there is a hospitality suite where attendees are able to gather and visit or work on puzzles or spend some free time getting acquainted with others.
After the Special pulls back into the Argentine Yard, you will have a short bus ride to St. Joseph gem—a 288-ton 4-8-4 steam locomotive built in 1937 for the Chicago , Burlington and Quincy line. Built in 1914, Union Station opened with 850,000 square feet of amazing space that originally featured 900 rooms. In 1996, a historic bi-state initiative was passed to fund the station’s renovation, which was completed in grand fashion in 1999. Following the end of World War I in 1918, the citizens of Kansas City were inspired to build a memorial in honor of those who had served in defense of liberty and our country. The tower elevator takes visitors up to the observation deck for a dramatic view of the Kansas City skyline. Loaded with 200 tons of cargo, the Arabia was making her way up the Missouri River when a large log pierced her hull. Designed by renowned architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, the Overland Station provides a beautiful setting with its soaring ceilings and intricate ornamentation. At the age of 15, Fred Harvey, an Englishman, immigrated to America and became an agent for the Burlington Railroad. The Combat Air Museum is one of a handful of major aviation museums in the United States located on an active airfield. Since April 10, 1973, the Royals have played at Kauffman Stadium, formerly known as Royals Stadium. Entering the American League as an expansion franchise in 1969 along with the Seattle Pilots, the club was founded by Kansas City businessman Ewing Kauffman.
The team remained competitive throughout the early 1990s, but then had only one winning season from 1995 to 2012.
Built in 1879, the depot was moved to its current location and underwent restoration from 1992 to 2002, after the Great Western Railroad threatened to demolish it. The Santa Fe Trail, begun in 1821, was a 900-mile foreign trade route unique in American history because it went overland rather than via water.
Built in 1855 by saddle maker John Lewis and once the home of American painter George Caleb Bingham, this magnificent house has been completely restored to its original Victorian splendor.
The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is the centerpiece of the historical renaissance of the Negro Leagues baseball throughout the nation.
Collectors with a meticulous touch keep their layouts fine-tuned and up-to-date with the latest trends in the Lionel legacy. Santa delivered Andy his first Lionel train set in 1956, and Andy has recaptured the spirit of those days with his layout he and his eight grandchildren enjoy today.
Don Miller’s scenic postwar collection has it all, from mountainous areas to cities and amusement parks. The shopping and entertainment complex features three levels of shops and restaurants, a set of grand open air fountains, live theatres, an ice skating rink and over-street walkways leading throughout the complex and to Kansas City’s Union Station. You will have time to visit your choice of the many stores, boutiques and dining establishments before we return to our hotel in time for lunch. However, we can look forward now to the model railroad train shows, camaraderie and more at the Tacoma Convention in 2017. Many club members still vividly recall a childhood memory of that special Christmas when Santa (with some help from dad and mom) placed a Lionel train set under the holiday tree.
Thanks to digitally reproduced sounds and modern control systems, many of today’s hobby train sets sound like the actual prototype locomotives.
Frank Sinatra built a special building on his Palm Springs, CA, compound to house his operating 1949 train station layout. Lionel has produced quality model toy trains for more than a century, and the legend lives on. Model toy trains hold a fascination for today’s children as they have for generations.
When it comes to the sights to see, we will all find new and different attractions to see and enjoy in Kansas City in 2016.

You can also take an elevator, plus 45 steps, to the top of the Liberty Memorial Tower for a scenic view of Kansas City and a great view of Union Station and the iconic Western Auto sign atop the Western Auto Building.
During the 1860s James was responsible for several bank robberies, many murders and was one of the leaders of the guerilla warfare group called the Buskwackers. In its prime as a working train station, it accommodated hundreds of thousands of passengers each year. Local citizens raised $2.5 million dollars to design and construct the Liberty Memorial, and it formally opened in 1926. The museum is dedicated to the collection, preservation, conservation and exhibition of aircraft, information, artifacts, technology and art associated with the military aviation history of the United States. The team broke this streak in 2014 with franchise’s first wild card berth and advanced to the World Series. The Truman Library is one of only ten in the United States administered by the National Archives and Records Administration.
The two-story depot contains the waiting room, stationmaster’s room and baggage room on the first floor, while the second floor housed the living quarters for the stationmaster and his family.
The 2,000-mile Oregon Trail began to be heavily traveled in 1843 by settlers wanting to establish new homes in the Northwest, while others took the equally long and grueling California Trail to seek their fortunes in the gold fields.
With almost seven miles of illuminated paved roads and several miles of railroad track, there currently is 5 million square feet of occupied space. The exhibit covers the Leagues’ entire history, from its beginning after the Civil War through its final days in the 1960s. This center celebrates the African-American community that thrived at 18th and Vine for more than 40 years.
Each bend in the river is true to scale, complete with actual replicas of depots and coal mines from the area.
Non-members may join the club now and be prepared for a fabulous week of fun, great food, toy train shows and friendship with train operators and collectors who favor the Lionel brand and celebrate the world’s greatest hobby. The now-famous steam train circling the grounds of Disney’s Magic Kingdom near Orlando, FL, was inspired by Ward Kimball, a Disney designer and artist. Our annual Lionel model train conventions always include large operating displays open to the public free of charge. You are encouraged to walk the train once we get underway and enjoy the polished brass and wood that make up this beautiful consist. Cargo included china, jewelry, clothing, tools, firearms, spirits, bottled fruits, boots and shoes plus hundreds of other items – all in pristine condition and now beautifully displayed. In 1997, Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan., were selected as the site for the new speedway. Exhibits at the museum include 36 aircraft ranging from WWI to present day, aircraft engines of many sizes and types and an extensive display of artifacts and military aviation art.
The Royals followed this up by winning their first Central Division title in 2015 and won their first World Series title in 30 years.
Consisting of research archives, there are more that 14 million pages of manuscript material stored there, including 5 million from the White House files. That’s how fast your car needs go to qualify for the NASCAR events held at the Kansas Speedway. You will be able to follow the history of some of baseball’s greatest legends that rose from the Negro Leagues and left an incredible mark on the game. In addition to the interactive displays, the Kansas City Jazz Museum offers four major exhibits celebrating the memory of jazz greats Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Charlie Parker. Joseph, Mo., with stops at the Pony Express National Museum, the Patee House and the home of Jesse James.
Located at the intersection of Interstates 70 and 435, construction began in May, 1999, on the 1.5 mile tri-oval, 75,000-seat Kansas Speedway. Preferring the term Harvey Girl to waitress, Fred Harvey recruited single women to work at Harvey Houses along the Santa Fe Railroad line from Kansas to California. Joseph brilliantly illustrates the Pony Express and its role in our nation’s western history.
This special three-course meal will be served in a restored 1940s railcar powered by a vintage 1950s Alco RS 3 locomotive. Joseph’s only National Historic Landmark, earning its designation because it housed the famous mail service company in its infancy. While the scenery may be a bit limited, we’ll be there for the experience of train travel while eating lunch and listening to music from the 1940s. As noted on previous train tours, the Kansas Belle is a vintage train and is not wheelchair accessible.

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