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I think that while you're looking for quick mates, you have to also keep an eye out for easy crushing tactics as well.
QuoteTime is running out! Rex is trapped in a boxcar that?s packed with dynamite rigged by Evil Doctor Porkchops! Can his friends rescue him in time? The booklets are a variation of the box cover, and I like this technique of breaking the set up into the parts held within, as seen on some town sets previously. Five numbered bags, plus a bag of magnetic train links, and the minifig bags imported from China.
The under carriage of the engine is not complex, but bizarrely, the elastics are used around the large wheels. This is the best thing about the set for me, the striking shape and black color of the engine.
Poor Hamm never knew the video camera was running, and rumors abound that now his place in Toy Story 4 is in doubt.

Thanks for the review 'def' - love this train I do - so COOL a Lego toy train of a toy train - okay that must be an oxy-moron right ? When I built it I tipped all the bags out together (which I always do) which makes the build seem more complex. What I really liked about this train was the old-skool LEGO look (even if its somewhat mythically misleading considering they haven't produced a set that even vaguely looks like this for 30 years) and that it is very solid and brick-built - very few Technic-shenanigans in this straightforward build, and lots of great parts. I personally love all of the minifigs - especially Rex, Hamm and Bullseye, as you stated in your review - but I do agree with ZO6 in that I prefer standard minifigs more than these.
As Woody fights Porkchops on the roof, Buzz Lightyear is flying in for the rescue while Jessie tries to catch up to the run-away train riding Bullseye. It is simple, but I also assume that's why TS3 is the only non-stickered line out there - maybe that specific age range hates them as much as we AFOLs generally do? One thing I find odd is that the dirty Jessie in Garbage Truck Getaway comes with a back print while this one hasn't been updated.

It would've been nice to get more features than just removable roofs and a trap door for the flagship set of Toy Story, and to get some interiors in the three train cars. Set includes Evil Doctor Porkchops, Rex, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye figures.
Yeah it's an expensive set but Lego have done it well and with the great selection of figs and printed parts, I think it will be popular.

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