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ClipArt ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. December 3, 2013 Pin23K Share112 +166 Tweet14 StumbleFinding fun math activities for my Kindergartener is high on my to do list these days and if I can find an indoor activity that combines math and toy cars, well then… score! My youngest son is rapidly following in his mathematics-loving brother’s footsteps and, of course, they both love playing with their toy vehicles. If you have kids who love toy vehicle play, you need to follow my Toy Vehicle Play board on Pinterest!
This game was inspired by a similar literacy game at I Can Teach My Child in which cars with lower case letters were parked in spots with upper case letters. It’s a very cold winter day here and found this idea, so quick to create with things we have, son helped assemble it and is now playing happily! These three charming videos, all contained on one DVD, showcase toy trains, real trains, snappy music and sprightly narration. In Part Four, kids learn about railroad crossing safety, different road names of Diesels, and railroad traffic control signals.
Part Seven features famous streamliners like the Daylight, Commodore Vanderbilt, Hiawatha, Torpedo, Dreyfuss Hudson and the Empire State Express. See both steam and Diesel locomotives including the Pennsylvania Railroad's legendary T-1 Duplex and the Ives Circus Train in Part Eight. In Part 10, Jeff introduces more accessories, more music, and the next five inductees into the Toy Train Hall of Fame. Part 11 starts with the story of the New York Central's revered streamlined steam locomotives. We begin with a look back in Part 12 at the beautiful bicentennial trains created for the 200th birthday of the United States in 1976. Here is a great collection of railroad games, puzzles and art that will keep your child entertained for hours and hours. This book is chock-full of coloring fun and educational activities for children ages 2 through 8. Climb aboard the "50 State Express" and travel around the country visiting every state! The packaged set includes a blue engineer's cap with an adjustable plastic strap, a red cloth bandana and a wooden train whistle. The packaged set includes a pink engineer's cap with an adjustable plastic strap, a pink cloth bandana and a wooden train whistle.

The packaged set includes a blue engineer's cap with an elastic back strap, a blue and white striped bib, a plastic locomotive-shaped beverage cup with a sipping spout, and an iron-on railroad patch. The packaged set includes a pink engineer's cap with an elastic back strap, a pink and white striped bib, a plastic locomotive-shaped beverage cup with a sipping spout, and an iron-on railroad patch.
It can be used to write mathematics story problems involving addition, subtraction, and counting. My Kindergartener (just 2 weeks shy of 5 years old!) is working on counting and learning number combinations so easy addition is perfect for him at this stage.
I showed him the math problems and instructed him to park the number of cars (or busses, or trains…) that corresponds to the correct answer. If he was incorrect I showed him how to separate the two groups of cars to make sure he had the right amount. I wrote 2+2 twice, thinking repetition would be good practice, but my two little nerds called me out! In fact, if you look closely at the photos above you can see the tape with letters is still on some of the cars!
A This parking lot addition game was the perfect entertainment on a recent weekend morning. A I came up with this math activity for my Kindergartener, and while he was working on it he got a little help from the peanut gallery — otherwise known as his 8 year old brother. I showed him the math problems and instructed him to park the number of cars (or busses, or trainsa€¦) that corresponds to the correct answer.
Problem-solving takes a prehistoric twist in this game designed to reinforce counting, place value, addition and subtraction skills. Each show is a high-energy mix of toy & real train action, upbeat music by James Coffey of Blue Vision Music, and a sweet spirit that is irresistible.
It also includes educational segments about bridges, track maintenance, and electrical locomotives that use catenary systems. We visit two elaborate layouts: Dick Brown of Illinois and Lou Palumbo's Underground Railroad Shoppe where we meet Vinny, the toy train-loving mannequin.
Other segments include the Sugar Cane Train in Hawaii and a narrow-gauge Shay steamer in LaPorte, Indiana. See the Commodore Vanderbilt, Mercury, 20th Century Limited, and Empire State Express in all their streamlined glory. You'll feel good knowing that while your child is having fun, he or she is also learning important lessons about math, verbal skills, geography and problem solving.

On our journey we will see train cars loaded with products traveling to or from each state.
Children roll a number, then move their dinosaur, to the appropriate ones, tens, hundreds and thousands places.
Also featured are the modern BNSF Railroad, a visit to an aquarium in Maui, fast and exciting racecars (including the pre-war Lionel slotcars and modern Scalextric models), mystifying train magic performed by Jeff, and Vinnie the train-loving dummy returns to run his trains blindfolded!
This book is designed to teach as it introduces the reader to the wonderful world of railroading, and is for children of all ages. They will ride along from A to Z as the Alphabet Train fills its freight cars with cargo that kids will enjoy coloring. Cars are numbered in alphabetical order and many are decorated with symbols from their state flags. It made a cross-country trek, pulling 13 special cars carrying artifacts of the nation's history. Your children will be having so much fun, they won't realize that they are practicing important educational skills!
Not only does each page contain a loaded freight car; it also has capital and small letters written in different type styles so that children will be able to identify letters when they see them. Learn about the New York Central's Hudson locomotive and the excellent models made by Lionel.
Also featured are the streamlined Diesels of the 1930s, when Diesels were just beginning to make their case as the motive power of choice for the railroads. The Alphabet Train Coloring Book includes bonus pages about signs, signals and locomotives.
Finally, aliens visit toy train land and decide it's more fun to ride on a train than in a spaceship! Across the country, the sleek speeding machines sliced through speed records and captured the interest of a nation coping with the Great Depression. They became symbols of American industrial pride and served to ignite a spark in railroad transportation.

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