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All the sets here are considered Brio Compatible and Thomas Train Compatible, meaning they have the same track and connector size as the most popular train sets and can all be used together. Toss in a couple of extra trains at $6 or $7 a piece to get you over the Free Shipping $25 hump and you have a nice little train gift set.
Whatever you do, make sure you order at least one box of Suretrack train track clips onto your order.  Wooden tracks tend to fall apart easily, especially on an uneven surface such as a carpet or while under the attack at the hands of a child under 3. I have already bought a train set for my little one, but am getting worried because he DOESN’T run right to the train sets when we are out. If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.If you continue without changing these settings, you consent to this - but if you want, you can turn cookies off on this website by clicking here.
OO Gauge a group of Steam and Diesel Locos in various states of repair by various manufacturers including Hornby Railways, Triang etc, to include 2 x Princess Coronation Class, Royal Scot Class, Stanier Class 5 along with 2 x Diesel Shunters and 3 x 2-6-2 Tank Locos plus other items including Rolling chassis and Loco bodies, also included Model Drill Accessory Set which includes buffing, grinding and polishing wheels, along with 4 x motors, another useful lot.
Gaugemaster Model LT electronic Loco Tester and Transformer Controller for OO Gauge, untested but appears in Excellent condition and complete 8 x rollers.
OO Gauge Triang a group of unboxed Rolling Stock comprising 3 x London and Manchester 4-wheel Coaches (2 x Experience and 1 x Despatch), Tender for Stephenson's Rocket Loco (some minor damage) and Wild West Smoking Car No.257, conditions generally Good.
OO Gauge a group of Hornby Railways Thomas the Tank Engine Locos and Rolling Stock comprising James The Red Engine, Thomas The Tank Engine, Percy The Shunter, Annie and Clarabel Coaches, 3 x Troublesome Trucks, 2 x red and white James' Coaches and boxed Tidmouth Milk Tanker, conditions Good to Excellent. OO Gauge a group of unboxed Goods Rolling Stock by various manufacturers including Hornby Railways, Bachmann and Dapol etc and including 18 x Private Owner Open Wagon, 4 x Tankers, 7 x Private Owner Vent Van, 3 x Fish Van, 5 x BR Vent Van, 2 x Horse Box, 5 x Brake Van, plus - conditions Good to Excellent.

OO Gauge a similar lot of unboxed Goods Rolling Stock by various manufacturers including Hornby Railways, Triang and including 17 x Private Owner Open Wagon, 3 x Fish Van, 6 x Private Owner Vent Van, 5 x Brake Van, 4 x Tankers, 6 x BR Vent Van plus others - conditions Good to Excellent. OO Gauge a similar lot of unboxed Goods Rolling Stock by various manufacturers including Hornby Railways, Triang Railways, Bachmann etc and including 5 x Vent Van, 4 x Private Owner Vent Van, 9 x Tankers, 17 x Private Owner Open Wagon, 11 x BR Open Wagon, plus others, conditions Good to Excellent. OO Gauge a group of unboxed Triang and Steam Locos comprising 3 x 4-6-2 Princess Class (2 x black and 1 x green), 4-6-0 black Class B12, 2 x 0-6-0 3F Class Jinty Tank, 0-6-0 Saddle Tank No.748, 2-6-2 BR Standard Class Tank, some repainting involved, condition generally Good. HO a group of North American Outline Freight Cars by various manufacturers including Athern, Roundhouse and Branchline etc (7 still in kit form and require building) and the lot consists of 29 x Box Cars, 5 x Hopper, 5 x Flat, plus others conditions range from Good to Excellent with some in Good boxes, the lot also includes 18 x packs of Kadee No.5 Magne-Matic metal coupler (all unopened).
HO Rolling Stock Buildings and Accessories including Jouef 5593 SNCF silver 1st Class Coach, condition Good in Good Plus box, 3 x further Coaches (2 x Restaurant Car and 1 x Griddle Express), Life-like Double Deck CP Rail Coach with lights, Bachmann 4-wheeled Union Pacific Caboose, boxed Atlas Turntable with motor drive unit, 4 x packs of Life-like colourlight signals, conditions Good to Excellent, quantity of buildings including Church, Shops, Signal Box and various Station Buildings along with 5 x Atlas yard length flexi track pieces, also included Girder Bridge with approach supports and pillars, level crossings with lights and various electrical connections and switches (untested), conditions range from Fair to Good.
OO Gauge large quantity of Loco Rolling chassis (some with motors) by various manufacturers including Hornby Railways, Triang and others and include 12 x (steam) with motors, conditions Good to Excellent, 25+ (steam) without motors, useful quantity of Bogie and Pony Trucks also 30+ Coach Bogies and 8 x separate motors along with Branchline Power Bogie for EFE London Transport Tube Train, plus quantity of Driving Wheels and other useful items, conditions generally Good to Excellent, a useful lot for the loco builder.
Toy Train coloring pages are fun and teach the history of different types and shapes trains. TR called out in the original Wooden Toy Train article do not seem to be available at most stores anymore, so I though we would highlight a couple of newer sets that fit the bill. The Melissa And Doug Train Set offers a giant set with 128 pieces for a shockingly low price for a set this size.  Take a close look at the picture of the set for everything you get with this one.
I have yet to see a little kid under 4 not run straight for a wooden train table in a store or doctors office waiting room and love running the various trains along the tracks. In 1920 this toy has became really popular but only the rich child where able to afford it.

Og vil heller anbefale GOD musikk, og har som mal a anmelde musikk jeg LIKER, istedenfor a skrive slakteanmeldelser for a fa ut innestengt aggresjon over egen utilstrekkelighet.
But it is only after the war, in 1959, that the interest in the trains took off also because electric toy trains become less expensive. With most toys, if you receive two of them as a gift there is not much to do besides regifting or attempting a return which can be difficult without a receipt. Remember that it is really important that the decoder, the transmitter and the power station follow NMRA guidelines in order to be able to use different tracks and accessories from different manufacturers together. For example a toy train enables you kid to use his imagination in creating all the scenery.
Pay attention when you buy this toy that it is guaranteed safe: there are no small parts that fit your kid mouth, no loose parts and no toxic material.
Christmas is near and I think that an electric toy train would bring joy to a lot of children!!

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